Meditation – A Spiritual Painkiller for Stress and Life


Meditation for Stress is a technique where ‘Your consciousness’ advise you on life’s problem…

Today in life we all are in a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense, due to our lifestyle. Stress is taking our life, and we need to act fast to save ourselves.

Why do we suffer from stress?
In modern world, this question has no definite answer. Stress can come from different source and point of contact. It can be due to ‘circumstantial, situational, people to people, and lifestyle’. However, we know the reasons; but we don’t know a definite cure.

Remember stress mainly enters from our professional life pressure, and personal life crisis.

1. Our job pressure and long tiring job routine can lead to stress

2. Smoking and excessive caffeine consumption can lead to state of sleepless; it can cause indirect stress due to mental exhaustion

3. Insomnia is a common factor related to stress, as we suffer from sleep disorder we actually stress our brain and entire body system

4. Heart breaks, loss of love, emotional challenges often lead to crisis in life; and also is a major reason for stress disorder

5. Disease of chronic and acute states can also add to stress in your life

6. Failure in professional life or being directionless in career is also a contributor to stress in life

7. Marriage complexities and sometimes battling separation can be stressful and scattering consequences

8. Students under-performing or not standing up to expectations can also be victim of unprecedented stress in life.

These above points, are quite common and we all suffer from one or the other issues. The modern era has witnessed complexities of life gripping us completely, and we all are suffering from stress of some order.
Don’t get fret, the best solution to fight stress is meditation; and it is one the essence of yoga ‘the therapeutic healing’. Meditation for stress related issues can be of real help if done regularly and followed the process.

You should start meditating under the guidance of a Master or Teacher, and follow it with yogic asanas. Nothing will emotionally enriching and fulfilling then the meditative techniques. Diya yoga is going to commence its winter class for meditation and yoga to cure the stress disorder.
Never look for solution in external factors or aspects, as neither they will bring any relaxation nor happiness. Even if they bring it will be short-lived. So, to subdue your stress, you should hold the fingers of meditation. If you continue with meditation, it will become the habit of basis for all real knowledge you contemplate.
Great yogis have taken the support of meditation as an inward journey to ‘open the third eye, become intuitive, control emotions, and direct your aim towards one goal’. The yogis have inspired from ‘celebrities to business mogul and politicians to revolutionaries’ in quest for their missions in life. They too took the support of meditation to calm stress and clarify mind.
Stress is not a disease, but a state of mind; which can create havoc and destruction of otherwise good life. Don’t let it expand its root in your life, start meditation for stress; before it’s too late.
Diya Yoga – Meditation is an absolute journey to unlock the truth of life, while controlling our mind, energizing our body and transcending our soul.