How Performing Headstand is Beneficial for Your Overall Body


Yoga is the oldest way of making your body, mind, and soul rejuvenated by many significant postures.  The world has recognized the importance of Yoga, which is why the International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June every year. The practice of yoga includes meditation, yoga asana, Pranayama breathing technique which has the objective to detoxify the body and energize it with fresh air and holistic well being.

The regular yoga is definitely a boon for body and mind. There are many diseases which are incurable in medical science but they can be easily cured and completely eliminated from the body. The science of yoga is not just limited to doing exercise and meditation but it is has become the lifestyle of many people. It is the ay of making yourself happy in every circumstance of your life, because yoga is also helpful in making your mood stable and normal, in many situations. It generally calms your nerves and also makes you a better human being. There are many yoga asanas which are incredible and Sirsasan is one of them and it is also called headstand. Here is  how headstand pose is beneficial for a human being

  1. Help in making your digestion normal

When you perform headstand, the gravity becomes reversible to the digestive system which helps in eliminating waste material, open your stomach air and boost the blood circulation in the digestive system.

2. Helpful In Hair Fall Treatment

Nobody wants to become the patient of hair fall because it is such an embarrassing situation and sometimes you cannot help it because it becomes stubborn to stick to you for a long time.  However, it is to possible to eliminate hair fall completely but it can be reduced with the practice of Sirsasana. Headstand enables blood flow and delivers essential nutrients to your scalp that subsequently combat the hair fall and prevent premature grey hair.

3. Make your mind peaceful

When you stand with your head the blood flow in your head also go to the brain that eventually help your brain to get the required oxygen. The newly oxygenated blood in arouse pineal and pituitary glands which make your mind refresh and peaceful. If you perform headstand with deep breathing, it will help in preventing insomnia, depression, and tension.

4. Increase your concentration level

The blood flow from feet to heat makes your mental balance in a smooth manner and improves the concentration level of a person. The increased blood circulation can easily abolish the stress in your mind and make your brain clear and focused

5. Beneficial for diabetic patient

Diabetes happens when natural glucose of your body becomes low and the pituitary glands are not functioning accurately. In the result of that, it promotes the malfunctioning of the pancreas and which leads to the growth of diabetogenic hormones. The regular practice of headstand helps in making your brain strong and healthy which consequently regulate pituitary glands and fighting diabetes.

Important Note

Though headstand has many health benefits but makes sure that you are performing this yoga pose under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor or teacher. If you do it on your own without knowing the technicalities and precautions, then it will be risky for you, so please respcet our limitation and do not force it on self.  Diya Yoga is such an institute which is giving a great yoga practice session to beginners and also giving yoga teacher training to people who wants to make a career in Yoga science.