Surya Namaskar: Pros and Cons of This Magnificent Yoga asana practice

Yoga has immense health and mental advantages which influence people to make it the part of their daily routine. One of the prominent yoga poses that has gained attention in the world is none other than Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation.  From centuries, people have a sacred place for Sun and they offer prayer to the sun. Sun which is one of the main sources of life, light, and energy? However Sun Salutation is not just about bowing down to the sun or worshipping it, even it is more than that, where you keep your whole body bent and perform 12 poses of yoga science. Let us know what is Surya Namaskar its benefits and cons

What is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is Yogic technique to worshipping Sun and it has consisted of 12 different Yoga poses. This is a way of saying thanks to the sun, and awaking the heat of sun in the physical body.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

There are multiple benefits of Surya Namaskar which are as follows:

  • Keeps your body fit and healthy
  • Daily practice brings your body in balance
  • Helps activate blood circulation when does it in the morning.
  • Improve the digestive system
  • It is a correct way to warm-ups of your body and gets better with asana
  • Helps in making your heart healthy
  • It provides mental wellness in which you can interconnect body, mind and breath.
  • It improves your respiratory system, tones abdominal muscles; strengthen internal organs, spinal nerves, and lymphatic system.
  • It will make your leg, spine, arms, wrist, hands, back, shoulder and neck muscles. It is also beneficial in providing comprehensive flexibility in the body.

Cons of Surya Namaskar

Though Surya Namaskar has multiple benefits of postures is not done correctly, it can harm the body

  • While doing 2nd posture, you need to take care of that the neck should not float back your arms, because it can cause you serious neck injury.
  • In the 3rd posture, don’t bend down randomly or directly without stretching, which will get problem in back muscles
  • Do not put your weight on fingers and instead of that put pressure on your palms while performing the 4th
  • The abdomen should not be attached to the ground and you should not lift your hips too high while performing 5th pose because it can put unwanted force lower back which can cause injury.
  • You need to keep these pros and cons in your mind while performing the Sun Salutation and we suggest you do this asana under the guidance of a trained Yoga teacher or Yoga Instructor as he will teach you to perform this Yoga Asana accurately.