Louis Matteudi

April 26, 2018
Monica pèrez
August 16, 2018

“Such a beautiful experience i had during this TTC of march 2018.

This school is very open and we don’t enter in any dogmas. The teacher team is very diverse with different approaches and very good quality of teaching. Like anybody i had some of them that inspired me more than others and this completely ok.

The content of the course was suiting me very well, once again very eclectic. It is intense but very doable if you have the motivation.

Meera the founder has a beautiful energy and will do anything to make you feel confortable. I was sick for few days and she has been like a mother for me. The heart connection and the feeling of trust was immediate with her.

I slept in a beach hut and i would not recommend it if you have a light sleep, this is India and the neighborhood can be loud sometimes, specially with dogs barking like it is the end of their life 🙂 If you are on a budget it is a very good option and you can buy earplugs !

Food was Indian and healthy, i liked it very much and i think it is good to see with Meera before Yoga TTC if you need a special diet, this way you don’t get surprises.

Overall i am fully satisfied with this course, i am already giving classes in my hometown in France (1 month after) and i clearly built some confidence in my practice and in the sharing of my practice.