8 limbs of yoga

Third limb of patanjali sutras – Asana
If you are associated with yoga teacher training in any way, it is difficult not to know about Asanas, the third limb of Patanjali Yogasutra. The word asana, in simple words, indicates both the position and the posture that the yoga enthusiast undertakes. Every kind of yoga teacher training will explain to you that Patanjali...
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Second limb of patanjali sutras – Niyamas The word Niyama in Hatha Yoga is used to denote any kind of observances and norms that are introduced to bring in the discipline. Every yoga teacher attaches great importance to these niyamas in their 200TTC because only proper observance of these specific rules can bring in the...
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Yamas – self ethnic virtues The Yoga teacher training strives to highlight some of the most basic elements of yoga as specified by the Patanjali yogasutra. Patanjali talks about Eight limbs of yoga, Yamas are one of first limb of the Patanjali yoga sutra. Well in very simple terms, Yamas are the various self ethnical...
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