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hatha yoga teacher training Goa

Hatha yoga wherein the word Hatha literally translates to “force” is one of the most traditional forms of yoga. Yoga is both science and art, requires a strict discipline in its practice and should be taught by professionals to perfect this yogic form and reap its maximum benefit. Teaching hatha yoga requires as much dedication...
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hatha yoga
Yoga as we all know that is rich heritage of India to the world. It is certainly the best technique to live healthy life. Yoga is not just an exercise process but it is a whole lifestyle. There is much talked about the benefits and effects of yoga and the whole conclusion is stated that...
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Hatha Yoga - Mountain
This yoga is famed amid every yoga enthusiast; and it wants us to focus on breathe. Why breathe? The wonder of Hatha yoga lies in our ability to control our breathing; thereby, bringing self – transformation in our life. Yogic philosophy states – “The wandering of mind is neither calm, nor balanced; with every wander...
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Benefits of Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga a system of physical exercises and breathing control used in yoga… Hatha yoga is popular in ‘West’ and are physical postures to master the body, mind and soul. Hatha yoga always focuses on regular exercise, balanced diet, practice on internal purification of body, mastery over breathing techniques and routine asanas. Hatha yoga also...
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Hatha yoga teacher training
Conceptualization of Hatha Yoga:                                             Hatha Yoga is originated from two words “ha and tha”. Ha means sun and Tha means moon; hatha yoga therefore shows the translation of union or yoga practice that brings union of pairs of the opposite. Hatha yoga from Sanskrit translation also mean forceful yoga; the...
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