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Forget Sleep Deprivation by the Regular Practice of Yoga Nidra
Are you in need of a good nap? Yoga Nidra might be your key to feeling refreshed and well-rested. There are a number of ways in which yogic sleep can turn out to be more effective in comparison to traditional sleep. So, what actually is Yoga Nidra? The Yoga Nidra State Yoga Nidra is an...
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Nidra is a Sanskrit word for sleep; when it’s connected to yoga, it’s all about being in a state in between ‘sleep and sleeplessness’. Once upon a time, a Yogi said, meditation form of ‘Lord Shiva’ is known as ‘Nidra Yoga’. Thus, Shiva the yogi; the creator and destroyer of Universe, has a perfect knowledge...
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Truths of Yoga Nidra – Learning v/s Experience of Yogic Sleep
Yoga Nidra is an essence of yoga, which deals with yogic sleep, deep rooted relaxation, and self-healing. Such, is its power that a session of Yoga Nidra Yoga, is equivalent to 4 hours of sound sleep. In this yoga technique, you sleep to awaken your soul. Remember an awakened soul can harmonize between the ‘conscious...
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