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Nidra is a Sanskrit word for sleep; when it’s connected to yoga, it’s all about being in a state in between ‘sleep and sleeplessness’. Once upon a time, a Yogi said, meditation form of ‘Lord Shiva’ is known as ‘Nidra Yoga’. Thus, Shiva the yogi; the creator and destroyer of Universe, has a perfect knowledge...
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Truths of Yoga Nidra – Learning v/s Experience of Yogic Sleep
Yoga Nidra is an essence of yoga, which deals with yogic sleep, deep rooted relaxation, and self-healing. Such, is its power that a session of Yoga Nidra Yoga, is equivalent to 4 hours of sound sleep. In this yoga technique, you sleep to awaken your soul. Remember an awakened soul can harmonize between the ‘conscious...
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