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Art Of Centering Program

The Art of Centering is a 7 days meditation workshop with the focus of reconnecting with your very core! The center point of your body, just below your navel button. In China, this place is called lower Dantien and in Japan, it is called Hara, in India, this Place is called Manipura Chakra, your unlimited energy source and PowerPoint.

In this 7 days workshop, we use techniques of Zen, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Body- Balance & Movements to dive deep into this center of life and death and find a way to rest in it – so that a deep state of meditation can arise – in stillness, in movement, and in daily life.

in daily life. The modern desire to understand spirituality from the mind, rather than from experiencing it, has been a widely spread trend. But expanding your energy only in your head without letting it expand in your body and under your navel, means simply that your energy will resemble an upside-down pyramid with the tendency to easily fall over. The foundation and the roots are missing!

In order to enter the world of a meditator, we must reconnect with the place where every human being is connected to life energy – the hara!


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