Truths of Yoga Nidra – Learning v/s Experience of Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra is an essence of yoga, which deals with yogic sleep, deep rooted relaxation, and self-healing. Such, is its power that a session of Yoga Nidra Yoga, is equivalent to 4 hours of sound sleep.
In this yoga technique, you sleep to awaken your soul. Remember an awakened soul can harmonize between the ‘conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and unconscious mind’. Thus, you benefits in achieving peace within.
One school of thought also expresses ~ Nidra yoga technique, as a colossal meditation practice, which helps in discovery of self. The unsung part of this yogic practice is the ease of its application and serenity of the learning process.
You will lie down in corpse position, and rest. The systematic meditation of yoga nidra will take you through five layers of discovering self. Your five senses will be balanced to awaken your sixth sense, thereby, enjoying sense of completeness or oneness within.

What you learn while practicing nidra yoga technique?

  • You experience the physical benefits, mental quietude, and emotional strength
  • It works with your koshas, mainly the five layers of inner-self to attain supreme consciousness
  • It helps you learn to achieve unity with universal plane, from duality to polarity and thereon
  • Best way to experience yogic sleep, a state of being in between awakened and sleep
  • Learn how to practice and conduct a yoga nidra class or session
  • Learn how to help others master the art of yoga nidra

At the end, of the session you feel comfortable and rejuvenated.

Truths of Nidra Yoga Practice:

  • Yoga for Everyone: this yogic practice is for every soul; and is easy to follow or practice. Unlike, other yogic practices it’s not hard or don’t deal with balancing of posture. It simply deals with lying down on the floor and relaxing. Yoga nidra can also be practices sitting; for those who find it difficult to sleep. This yogic practice can be performed by everybody, even children can do.
  • Yoga Nidra Technique Never goes wrong: This is one of the best parts of this yogic practice. It’s never wrong; every time you have a new experience. Even if you fall asleep, you still get the benefits of Yoga Nidra. As your unconscious mind receives all the benefits of relaxation.
  • One can practice easily: This meditation practice can be made a part of daily life. It’s easy to practice and perform. The practice can be as short as 5 minutes and don’t incorporate focusing on breath or posture. It can also be practiced during your bed time. It can be easily practice by putting your ear plug and slowly drifting towards a sound sleep.

    However, practicing it during bed time is not recommended by experts or is not the conventional way. But, it can be done for people who find lack of time in their busy schedule.
  • Eradicates Stress: Yoga nidra is a meditation practice where you rest and relax. Thus, your nervous system relaxes, and less stress is accumulated. As the nerves eases, all your tensions are evaporated, giving you better health.

The ultimate aim of yoga nidra is to find an opportunity for you, to get intimate with self.