Understandings of Yoga and Yoga Nidra to Cure a Curious Case of Sleep Disorder

yoga nidra

Yoga is the essence of healthy living, but not for reluctant one’s…
Yoga is for people, who are health freaks and who seriously want to attain bliss in every aspect of their life.
Yoga has many branches; the popular amongst them are ‘hatha yoga and yoga nidra’.
Hatha yoga is, the Yogistic practices of asanas, postures and controlling breathe. Whereas, Nidra yoga is about the yogic sleep, which gives deep relaxation and eliminate all negative vibes.
These two yoga paths cannot be matched, and their holistic healing impact is profound in us. Yogis have been fascinated by the benefits of yoga in general, and they preached amongst their disciple; and finally yoga made its way towards the common man.
Universe is multiverse or singular plane can be debated for long; but ‘Lord Shiva’ the first yogi of the existence has laid simple rules for human to live a healthy life.

Yoga was one of its first cores fundamental –

  • Lord Shiva, explained to the ‘Saptharishis’ who were his first disciple of yoga and yogic practices that ‘yoga is not for the flexible, but it’s for the one who’s willing’.
  • Yoga goes beyond the shackles of ‘Maya’ (illusion) and attains peace of mind.
  • Shiva the yogi explains the personification of a better, focused and grounded person lies in following the sutras mentioned in ‘Patanjali Sutra’.
  • Yogis of modern century believe yoga increase ‘digestive power, metabolism, arm strength, and lung capacity’.
  • The contemporary medical science has accepted yoga to be beneficial for ‘heart, muscles, joints, and brain’. Yoga ensures less chances of heart disease and less stress in life.
  • Yoga is essential for enhancing supply of oxygen to brain, and increased libido.
  • Regular yoga will make you fit, slower breathe, and improving 35% of flexibility of body.

Yoga Nidra, a way to repose, restore and renewal…
Thus, the questions of benefits don’t arise, but we must look for how can we apply it in our life to make it more ‘content and carefree’.
Nidra yoga technique is an effective medication for sleep disorder and insomnia. It even cures nightmares and fear of unknown or irrelevant.

Why nidra yoga is necessary, against the colossal damage done by sleep deprivation?

This yogic technique is often confused by people, as a method to rest. But, it goes beyond rest and relaxation.
If, we take the curious cases of sleep deprived people or someone suffering from insomnia, we will realize its value.

  • Due to sleep disorder one has constant irritability
  •  It slowly resulting in impaired immune system
  • Also resulting in to weekness, mental stress and restlessness

A one hour of yogic sleep is equal to 4 hours of sound sleep. The benefits are convincing, Joining the ‘Nidra Yoga’ course and today you would be in better health. It helps to gain restful sleep.

In next blog, we discuss on another sleep disorder leading to memory lapses, and how nidra yoga helped to regain the lost memory.