What is Yoga Teacher Training – 2017 – 2018

What is Yoga Teacher Training ? Yoga TTC Guide 2017

Yoga is a 5000 year old science of wellness, art form specializing in helping you live a better and more fulfilling life. Today it is possible to find teachers ready to teach yoga course almost everywhere across the world. Especially in India, teaching yoga is soon becoming a thriving source of earning. But what exactly does yoga teacher training comprise of?

Basics Of Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

As the topic indicates, yoga teacher training is essentially all about helping you gain an in-depth knowledge about this age-old science. It is a continuous training process and begins with helping you instill discipline and calm in your life. You learn to practice yoga not just in the form of physical asanas but also rein in control over your various body activities, mental ability.

Yoga Teacher Training

Even your overall breathing begins to happen in a awareness, controlled fashion through appropriate yoga training. The various TTC yoga course in India are aimed at creating a comprehensive consciousness about Yoga. The basics of yoga are entrenched in India and targets bringing about the oneness of the soul,mind and the body.
This is the essential thought that is expected by most who come to learn to teach yoga in India. Given the popularity and profitability associated with yoga courses for beginners, you have a plethora of yoga classes offering you the 200 hour training.

Yoga Teacher Training

While the 200 hour yoga training is one of the most popular platforms to gain this expertise, the point is would that be sufficient? The quality of yoga teacher training in India is often dependent on the expertise of the yoga teacher who undertakes this training in India.
On an average, I would say that whether you choose the 200 hour yoga training or the 300-hour option, the core purpose is initiating you into the world of yoga. This is the point where your yogic experience begins; it does not end with the course. You might be a RYT 200, but if you bring your learning to a halt, your teacher training remains incomplete.

Yoga Teacher Training

But this learning stretches over years of practice and study, and in this world of instant coffee that surely is a hard to find the asset. So within the limited time frame, the 200 hour training, gives you a constructive insight about the various elements of yoga and the lifestyle change that it entails.
Whether you are undertaking hatha yoga training or Ashtanga Vinyasa in India, another factor that helps you is no doubt the center and the teacher that you are associated with. Though the cost of most of the training sessions is more or less standardized, it is the yoga teacher who undertakes this training in India that could completely change your entire understanding.

Yoga Teacher Training - 2017
Yoga Teacher Training Course – India

Searching For the Right School

This, then, brings us to the most important aspect. How do you go about finding the right school for your yoga training in India? In general, I would say it is always wise to stick to a registered yoga school. Even if the fees and the charges are slightly higher, they are far more credible.
Moreover, yoga training involves a prolonged stay at these centers. So you must make sure that the living area is neat and clean and maintained in a hygienic fashion. Most times to maintain the sanctity of the yogic experience, these schools are little away from the city hub so make sure

They are well connected, and transportation is not a problem

what is yoga teacher training

It is in a safe area and not prone to crime

yoga teacher training

There is adequate facility for healthy and wholesome food

yoga teacher training


On an average, the yoga courses in Rishikesh and ones that run with yoga alliance certification in Goa offer a standard training for a reasonable price and hygienic living condition. You could also go through the various user reviews for a more comprehensive idea.

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