Yoga Nidra : An effective and Deep Relaxation Practice

yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra as the name suggests is a yogic sleep, which is an efficient and deep relaxation method. Sometime we only consider relaxation by sleeping; listening to music, massage therapy etc. It gives us a sense that relaxation doesn’t need any extra work out or physical activity. But if we talk about deep relaxation then it is quite different. It makes your mind peaceful and eliminates physical fatigue in your body. There are many methods that can give you body deep relaxation but Yoga Nidra is probably the most effective deep relaxation practice.
Yoga Nidra has come from the rich Indian heritage Yoga tradition. Expert says that if a person regularly practices yoga nidra then it will affect positively in your mental, physical and spiritual essence of life.

What is the theory of Yoga Nidra?

The theory of yoga nidra is based on the energy of body that is called prana in India. Like other relaxation practices it also focus on flow of energy and activation in your body. Under a certified yoga trainer, one can achieve the balance of energy in the body. It is a great way to fetch peace, stress free life and spirituality. However, it doesn’t really require any training to get the benefits of this practice. But you will require a quiet place, warm environment and yoga nidra session on video or radio.
In traditional yoga nidra practice, lay down your back and make enough distance of arms from body and palm towards roof. Spread your feet with your toes remain exterior. Keep your eyes closed during the practice. The spirituality and peace, which you get from yoga nidra, will be immense and metamorphic.

More About the Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra as we have already stated that it is conscious deep way of relaxing your body, mind and soul. When you are in a state of yoga nidra, it will eradicate stress and exhaustion of body. You will feel profound rejuvenation and preserve flexibility of your physical and mental state.

Learn How to Do Yoga Nidra ?

Some people misunderstood yoga nidra and meditation same, but they are different. Where yoga nidra you will lay down and work out that will help you out to do movement in semi conscious state, which means that, the person is half sleep and half conscious. But while practicing meditation a practitioner generally sit supported by your spine vertically. Yogic sleep is considered as the preparation of meditation. In this practice, you will feel calm, compose internally, and reach with the higher level of deep relaxation.
It is best practiced when you listen to any CD or recording, lest you will feel asleep and it can break your concentration. The nidra practice will make you comfortable with relaxation and awakening of internal organs. This is ideal bridge to make you conscious as well as release tension and fatigue from your body and mind. So rejuvenate yourself with this deep comfort practice and get a stress free life.