Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Our main focus is to imbibe yoga into your daily life as it has evolved in India. During the Training, we help you to become a confident yoga teacher

Why Diya Yoga ? 

Diya Yoga was founded  with the motto “Appo Deepo Bhava” which translates to “be the light unto yourself”. We at Diya Yoga are keen souls who are always looking to explore our inner being and discover new aspects of life. Our thought process revolves around growing our inner strength and creativity and supporting the light in us that is the source of life. Diya Yoga has carefully created tools that any person can use to enhance their life and be their own light to find inner peace. The different techniques taught by our experienced teachers are the tools that you can use to walk on the path of self exploration, and sharing as teachers, techniques like meditation, yogic philosophy, yogasana, yoga nidra, yogic anatomy, and even ayurveda.

We believe that every individual is unique and has a sense of freedom inside that encourages discovery and learning. That’s why the various yoga retreats and yoga teacher training courses (YTTC) that we organize give our students a good understanding of hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga. This enables them to choose the style that appeals to them most and can further deepen their practice and even create courses and teach others (after getting the certification).

Every individual has a sense of freedom inside that encourages discovery and learning

The Location

We are situated amidst nature that creates the right atmosphere for you to learn and understand what is being taught and practice the same while listening to the waves crash or the birds chirp. View of morning sunrise at the morning practice and beautiful  

Experienced Yoga teachers 

Our yoga teachers are experts in various yoga disciplines and meditation techniques and have created unique courses to provide you with the best experience. All the teachers are dedicated to self exploration. They teach from experience, Not from the book. We share what we know. None of our teachers are in Guru drama. We all are equal and sharing what we can and learning also from studens each time in trainings.

Multiple styles of Yoga Teaching

We teach multiple styles of yoga like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative as well as meditation and alignment. Learning these different techniques in an authentic setting will allow you to practice and teach anywhere in the world.

Limited students

We take limited students, to support the individual to go deeper in to the process of yoga. As small groups it is easy for teachers to give personal attention to the studetns.

The Food

Our food is Vegetarian meals 3 time a day from Monday to Friday, Saturday  only breakfast. So the students can go and explore surrounding restaurant and taste the local food.

Verified Testimonials 

Encouraging and wonderful testimonials from several students who have learnt from Diya Yoga have helped us build a great reputation as a leading yoga center. You can find that on our you tube Channel

Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC)

Diya Yoga is a registered yoga school recognised by Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and has trained several students in basic as well as advanced yoga techniques, meditation practices, and various other healing methods. We are adept at guiding a person from venturing into the world of yogic philosophy to become an advanced and experienced yogi who can create a class for himself or herself as well as for others. We offer three different yoga training courses which are:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This is our dedicated course for training students to familiarize themselves with different types of yoga disciplines, meditation techniques, and philosophies so that they can keep practicing and eventually design a course for their students in the future. For one entire month, you will immerse yourself in Hatha, yin, ashtanga, basic, vinyasa, and restorative yoga techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation, and the art of teaching. But, despite all these teachings being incorporated in one, this course is open for any person beginner or intermediate who wishes to develop a deeper understanding of yoga and self-healing.

During the yoga teacher training, our instructors give emphasis on the practice of basic asanas and help students improve their posture and alignment so they can reap maximum benefits. Calming the mind and body is necessary and a person’s breathing patterns are responsible for a healthy mind and body. You will learn pranayama that helps supply ample oxygen to each body part by relaxing the muscles of the respiratory system. As the course progresses, you will be encouraged to take up the responsibilities of an instructor so that you can get first-hand experience of teaching students. The course fees inclusive of three vegetarian meals from Monday to Friday and breakfast on Saturday are 1299 euros and 1600 euros for shared and private accommodation respectively.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Similar to our 50-hour yoga retreat, the 100 hour yoga teacher training is a pre-teacher training course (pre-TTC) that is spread out over two weeks. This course has been created by our instructors for those who are keen on learning different types of yoga and meditation techniques so they can engage in self inquiry and learn about themselves. As this course spans over 14 days, we delve a bit deeper into various techniques like yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, eight limbs of yoga, pranayama, meditation, kriya, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and mantra chanting.

Our instructors have thoughtfully devised a curriculum that will give you all-round knowledge and experience about various yoga disciplines so that you can decide which one you would like to explore further with deeper practice. The daily schedule that each student will follow involves practical and theory lessons, three healthy, vegetarian meals, and ample rest. You start off your day with a two hour session learning pranayama and asana at 7 in the morning and your day concludes with dinner at 7 in the evening. The fees for the course are 700 euros for shared accommodation and 1000 euros for private accommodation. All meals from Monday to Friday and just the breakfast on Saturday, a course manual, and a kriya pot are included in  the course fees…….

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This short, one week retreat is designed to provide an introduction about yoga philosophy, meditation, and basic alignments to people who are interested in learning and practicing yoga but are short on time. The 50 hour course is, in fact, a part of the longer yoga teacher training courses as it is the foundation on which the student will build upon. During these 50 hours, you will be given basic knowledge about hatha yoga, sun salutations (Suryanamaskar), and basic asanas or positions. After completion, you will be able to design a course for yourself wherein you can explore your inner self with the knowledge you will gain about yogic anatomy, nadi and chakra, and performing different asanas with the correct posture.

During this 7-day retreat, you will begin your day at 7 in the morning, will attend various sessions throughout the day and finish with dinner at 7 in the evening before you indulge in leisure activities. The lessons will be both theoretical and practical so that you are able to grasp various concepts with ease. Three vegetarian meals will be provided from Monday to Friday while only breakfast will be provided on Saturday. You have the option to choose between shared or private accommodation that we offer, based on your comfort.

Courses Schedule

200 Hour Yoga TTC
100 Hour Yoga TTC
50 Hour Training
Yoga Nidra TTC
Online Yoga Nidra
200 Hour - Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training - Dates (Starting From 850 Euro)
Goa20 September 21 to 14 October 21Book Now
Goa19 October 21 to 12 November 21Book Now
Goa17 November 21 to 11 December 21Book Now
Goa05 January 22 to 29 January 22Book Now
Goa02 February 22 to 26 February 22Book Now
Goa02 March 22 to 26 March 22
Book Now
Goa03 April 22 to 27 April 22Book Now

Without Accomodation and Food - 850 Euro
Shared room - 1299 euro*
Private room - 1600 euro*
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)

Get an Early Bird Discount of 100 Euro
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program
Goa20 September 21 to 03 October 21Book Now
Goa19 October 21 to 01 November 21Book Now
Goa17 November 21 to 30 November 21Book Now
Goa05 January 22 to 18 January 22Book Now
Goa02 February 22 to 16 February 22
Book Now
Goa02 March 22 to 15 March 22Book Now
Goa03 April 22 to 16 April 22Book Now

Shared room - 700 euro*
Private room - 1000 euro*
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)

50 Hour Yoga Retreat Training Program
Goa20 September 21 to 26 September 21
Book Now
Goa19 October 21 to 25 October 21Book Now
Goa17 November 21 to 23 November 21Book Now
Goa05 January 22 to 11 January 22Book Now
Goa02 February 22 to 08 February 22Book Now
Goa02 March 22 to 08 March 22Book Now
Goa03 April 22 to 09 April 22Book Now

Shared room - 450 euro*
Private room - 550 euro*
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)

Yoga Nidra Training - Euro 450
Goa14 December 21 to 19 December 21Book Now

Without Accommodation and Food - 450 Euro
With Accommodation - 600 euro*
(*Food is not included)

Online Yoga Nidra Training Program
Goa (Online)25-30 January 2021, 1300-1600 (Goa Time)Book Now

Course Price: €450*
*Receive a discount of €50 when you reserve your spot before 1 August 2020

Course Registration:
There are a limited number of spaces available for each course. To reserve your spot e-mail today. Remember to register and pay before 15 October 2020 to receive a €50 discount!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please e-mail

Other Courses

Besides the three yoga teacher trainings we offer, we have also created a more evolved 6-day course known as the Transformative Yoga Nidra Training that focuses on transformation and healing emotions using mental relaxation and healthy sleep. It is an ancient technique used by tantra practitioners to establish a balance between mind and body and initiate healing from within. Professionals at hospitals and clinics like psychologists, psychiatrists as well as therapists and counsellors have introduced yoga nidra in their regimen due to the enormous positive outcomes it has shown.

This training is a powerful tool for anyone who is seeking to dive deep into their subconscious mind and get rid of the deep-seated harmful beliefs and habits and inculcate newer and healthier ones. Yoga Nidra Training is a highly beneficial technique that helps a person in multiple aspects like:

Allows deeper rest 

Along with modernization, our lifestyles also change drastically leading physical as well as mental health troubles. Yoga Nidra helps you overcome the negative influence of this unsteady lifestyle by finding a tranquil space deep in your consciousness where your body and mind can come to a state of deep rest.

Decreases anxiety and insomnia-

The sankalpa (affirmation) that you make while practicing yoga nidra allows you to connect with your inner spiritual self soyou can introspect and think about your approach to life. This restores all of your senses on the body and in your mind thus helping reduce any anxiety you might have and facilitate better sleep.

Enhances the immune system-

The unhealthy habits that we have developed over the years affect each of our organ systems as well as our immune system. That is why there are so many illnesses in today’s world and we keep facing health problems. Through Yoga Nidra, you can get deeper rest which soothes your immune system and gives it time to regenerate as your mind and body are in a state of complete relaxation.

Creates emotional stability

Practicing yoga Nidra enables you to gradually unravel your inner being and move deeper into the mind where you can recognize various emotional tensions and bad behaviors that are troubling you. Observing these emotions deep within and becoming aware of them allows you to let go and feel whole and calm.

The course fees for the 6-day transformative yoga nidra training are 450 euros excluding accommodation and food and 600 euros inclusive of accommodation but excluding food. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Online Yoga Courses

We offer one online course as well that focuses on the technique of Yoga Nidra that involves inducing conscious sleep in a person. If you are feeling stressed or confused because your life has become monotonous and you have cultivated too many unhealthy habits and behaviors, or are looking for a deep sense of relaxation, then this online course is for you. This transformative tool is a powerful meditation technique that will help you explore and discover yourself.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic method of inducing a conscious sleep that also has been used by tantra practitioners. It focuses on self inquiry and hence allows one to relax their mind and body while increasing awareness about the emotions deep inside them. This technique is one of the best ways to enhance the immune system, get deeper rest, and decrease anxiety and stress.

How will Yoga Nidra benefit you?

In recent years, scientific research has been done and the results have proven the numerous benefits of Yoga Nidra. The studies show that consistently practicing this technique can help increase positivity, reduce stress and insomnia, promote better sleep, aid in mental relaxation, and enhance the emotional wellbeing of a person.

Our everyday habits impact our actions and unbeknownst to us affect our physical and mental health. Stress and anxiety caused by various reasons create numerous negative habits that in turn put up emotional barriers in our mind. This tug-of-war between mind and body leads to serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, heart attack, insomnia, and arthritis to name a few.

Transformative Yoga Nidra is an effective method of self-relaxation that allows us to reach the innermost layers of our consciousness that house our self-destructive belief systems that have dug their roots in us. We uproot them by adopting new and empowering healthy patterns and activating these deep in our core. The course fee for this 6-ay online training is 450 euros and only a limited number of spots are available.