Monica pèrez

The exquisite support provided by Meera from my very first email made me trust her inmediately, feeling at ease and well looked after. My initial idea was to take the course as a personal development journey with no intention to teach whatsoever. But the scope of the teachings and knowledge acquired, the high personal and professional quality level of all the teachers, and the diverse and wholistic approach of the course, made me feel empowered and confident in the possibility of teaching yoga. In my opinion, the involvement, nurturing care and warm support of the teachers contributed to make of this course a profound life changing experience that exceeded all my expectations.
I will start teaching next month and will come back next year to do the Yoga Nidra training with Meera. If you want to enjoy a comprehensive training in a beautiful beach location surrounded by nature and comfortable no more!! Diya Yoga is your school

Louis Matteudi

"Such a beautiful experience i had during this TTC of march 2018.This school is very open and we don't enter in any dogmas. The teacher team is very diverse with different approaches and very good quality of teaching. Like anybody i had some of them that inspired me more than others and this completely ok.The content of the course was suiting me very well, once again very eclectic. It is intense but very doable if you have the motivation.Meera the founder has a beautiful energy and will do anything to make you feel confortable. I was sick for few days and she has been like a mother for me. The heart connection and the feeling of trust was immediate with her.I slept in a beach hut and i would not recommend it if you have a light sleep, this is India and the neighborhood can be loud sometimes, specially with dogs barking like it is the end of their life :) If you are on a budget it is a very good option and you can buy earplugs !Food was Indian and healthy, i liked it very much and i think it is good to see with Meera before Yoga TTC if you need a special diet, this way you don't get surprises.Overall i am fully satisfied with this course, i am already giving classes in my hometown in France (1 month after) and i clearly built some confidence in my practice and in the sharing of my practice.


I came to Diya Yoga with an idea to learn more about yoga and it turned out to be a wonderful journey of discovering yoga, developing myself, seeing different aspects of yoga in my life. This month of YTTC was not only about studying (even though we studied a lot), it was a month of experiencing, sharing, feeling and finding a harmony.
A warm and friendly ambient, teachers with a lot of knowledge and creative approach. All the people I went through this experience with were my family during this month and they took a special place in my heart!
And Meera is my inspiration! Such a brave and intelligent lady, but so sweet and funny at the same time! Just to say THANK YOU and see you one day somewhere in the world. Namaste!



DIYA Yoga was absolutely the right decision for me, looking for a school and a team of teachers to deepen my understanding of yoga in general, more than solely achieving the teacher’s certificate. Meera managed to assemble a team of wonderful people who accompanied us through the four weeks of the TTC, everyone of them sharing their knowledge and skills and supporting us during this intense experience. I am grateful to each and everyone for making this time so very special – Thank you!



Searching for the right ttc I have found Diya yoga in the internet and I got that certain feeling of trust right away. All of the sudden there were no doubts anymore and I was sure, if I will do a 200h Yoga TTC I'll do it with Meera at Diya Yoga.The day came and I arrived in Arambol. Diya Yoga was right behind the beach in a very beautiful, natural environment. Meera was very welcoming. She is a very positive, caring, enthusiastic and loving person. At anytime she would take care of us students, making sure that each of us is comfortable.The school that Meera set up offers a lot. Not only a wide range of yoga Styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Ashtanga and Restorative.... but also a lot of different meditation- and awareness techniques, Pranayama practice, mantra singing and of course Philosophy and Anatomy Classes, which I enjoyed a lot. As a future Yoga teacher you will be well prepaired and you will get the chance to try out which yoga style you prefer creating your own classes! I loved it and it was just perfect having that possibilities! We had a lot of great teachers coming to share their knowledge and the above mentioned is just to give an idea. There will be a lot more to learn, to experience and to ENJOY on that beautiful journey. I would love to repeat that wonderful time exactly the same way again and again and again and 😉I can just encourage you to contact Meera for any question that you might have, she is a great person and will help you for sure!  

Eva Weigert

After spending a beautiful monsoon in Goa and almost getting lost in my self practice, I had a deep longing for someone who can have a look over my Yoga practice and give me some new keys to deepen my asanas! Luckily I met Meera again, a beautiful women and Yoga teacher, I got to know last season. I felt deeply touched by her and was very curious about the Yoga school she founded. When I asked her, if she has time for me, or if its possible to jump into here classes, Meera invited me to join the TTC......
Nowadays there is a quite some Yoga Schools offering Yoga Teacher Training – so the question arises, how to choose the right one, fitting to one needs and expectations.
For sure, checking reviews, websites and Facebook pages can help a lot, to get an idea, where and how one will spend a month becoming a Yoga teacher. But in the end, I feel, the most important moment is when I get personal contact with the Yoga school. It should give me a very comfortable and warm feeling and I want to leave with an impression that there are capable teachers. That's why I decided to join Diya Yoga. The beautiful center is very close to the beach and a very yummy restaurant which is providing a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner – changing every day. As a student I could totally let go and dive deep into my Yoga practice.
I loved to work with all the different teachers of the school. There are different Yoga styles and each of the teachers got a unique way of teaching and bringing light into the mystery of yoga! Part of the Diya Yoga crew is also a great meditation trainer, who teaches many techniques of going more easy and deep into meditation. It is amazing how it brings more and more awareness into the system.
I also loved the theoretical lessons, especially philosophy and methodology with Meera. She is so much open minded, modern thinking but still deeply rooted and self confident woman, that it is just a pleasure to listen here words!
The whole team and the atmosphere which they create, full of light, love, laughter, caring and supporting makes it easy to transform! Every Yoga Teacher Training is super intensive and can go very deep! So it's important to be in a safe atmosphere, where you easy can trust n find a lot of understanding and support!

My personal reflection

After having such a deep longing for Yoga classes n getting a few insecurities cleared, I felt every moment at Diya Yoga like a blessing! I loved a lot the time I spent there and the teachers within the Yoga School. It also clearly brought light into some dark corners of my system and managed to keep them bright!love n gratitude

Eva bruchhaus

I highly recommend the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course with Meera. I knew about Yoga Nidra before and had a few experiences, but this Training gave me much deeper experience of what it actually is. It was a great mixture of Theorie (Background informations) and Praxis, both being guided and guiding Meditations. You can find easily information about Yoga Nidra online and it seems easy to think "ah, I'll just check it out online", but NOOO, this is not the same!! Meera has a fun and inspiring way of teaching and also spreads light on some common "mistakes" you can make by using a non matching wording etc. If you have the chance, take it!! For me it was a great experience, and after this 5 day workshop I felt able to offer Yoga Nidra Meditation myself wherever I am travelling. Deep grounding work, very valuable!

Inmaculada Correa

Meera's yoga teachings come from their heart, knowledge and experience. Her yoga nidra session was very intense but she was always there to support me during the journey of my previous life. She is highly qualified and mixes a wide range of techniques from different counselling methods for her sessions . It has been inspiring to have her as a teacher and I hope to meet her again in the future to be able to learn more from her. Thank you so much.

Agata Bartosiewicz

diyayoga is one of best Yoga Training School, meera acharya is a very special person and teacher, everything she teaches is based on her experience, it is truthful, coming straight from her heart and touching the hearts of her students.

Ewa Borowski

Meera's philosophy and asana classes were unique and inspirational in ever way. Her knowledge and experience are vast, however she emphasised we should always find and speak our own truth, in our own way. I am extremely grateful to have had a teacher who reminded me to love myself and to see the beauty of life...i cried, laughed and grew as a person in her classes. Thank you

Annika Osenberg

Meera as a teacher is a great experience. She is fun, she is truthful,  she really studied school of life and shares her knowledge right from her heart. You will step deep into different layers of your personality, studying with her... Be prepared for an intense, transforming time.

Rory Highham

Meera takes the dry academic base metal of yoga philosophy and through the crucible of her wit, charm and open heart transforms it into spiritual gold that has real relevance in everyday life.

Eva Marie Wiese

I loved going to Meera's yoga philosophy classes! She gave us information that we could actually use while making us laugh and challenging us to reflect on ourselves. In her clarity and humour she set a beautiful example of how living your own truth makes you shine.

Carina Andrei

My experience about having Meera as a teacher. What can be more difficult than this? It's not like gratitude can be expressed in words. Yes, this is the word: gratitude- For meeting her and for having so much to learn from her, not only from her knowledge but also from her simple presence. Some people come into your life, and they change it. Having Meera as a teacher woke up in me the desire to read more, know more, be more. Be more of me.

Kushvendra Singh

Thank you so much Meera for being a lovely and very pretty human. Your Philosophy sessions were always interesting and has the depth which crave me to know more and has really awaken me to know more and more. As a teacher i feel you have motivated me to be what i am and not what other think. You have been very helpful and true. looking forward to have more sessions soon… Cheers!!

Karen Mattar

Meera is a down to earth person, simple, funny and sweet who will always give you her personal experience as a way to understand how the philosophy of Yoga in theory, works in practical with each individual's life. At the same time she would listen to our personal experience if we would want to share it and made the class feel a comfortable place where communication is easy with no judgment. With her teaching I was able to reflect on myself and on my life. I was able to ask myself questions and sometimes find the answers.. best yoga teacher training school also I was able to go deeper and learn new things. Thank you Meera

Lilli Econtrario

I loved you lessons it was personal and you always could tell a story which made it more interessting for me and it motivated me to share. I think you are a real personality and a good one and that makes you to a special and good teacher. even when you had your oppinion about something it wouldn't influence the lessen. I got really interessted now in a lot of subjects and motivated to get my own view. So thank you

Pep Scheloni

I really enjoyed listening to you - your experiences and knowledge was very inspiring for me! Its a very high quality because you have both - the roots in india and also the understanding of the western culture what makes it very easy to connect and to identify with the yogic philosophy! I could learn so much about myself! Also you were for our group like a mother - always caring for us all and our feelings! Amazing be taught by you sweetie! Love you its best yoga teacher training school in India