4 Different Themes of Winter Yoga 2017-18 – Broad look into Wellness

Yoga is the essence of the goodness of body and firmness of mind. Yoga can be beneficial to even counteract the seasonal health complexities.

Winter has arrived, and the met predictions say ‘be it ‘US or Canada or India’ it’s going to be extremely cold. This winter ‘Diya Yoga’ inspired by the holistic healing of ‘Ayurveda and curative applications of Yoga, presents each class this winter with a theme.

Yoga for winter is about wellness, a good lifestyle, discipline, and pampering your body.

Winter season is all about dryness, coldness, erratic weather, and smoggy air; so you need good care, or else you may suffer from seasonal health complexities. When the winter starts, the season is Vata, but in the transition towards mid-winter, the ‘Kapha’ dominates the season. It’s then we need to focus actively on yoga. Else, we may suffer from cold, wetness, heaviness, and stagnation.

Therefore, if we don’t balance our excessive flow of ‘Kapha Energy’ we will have terrible winter. Yoga balances the ‘Kapha’ in our body and warms it to the core.

Different Themes of Yoga – A broad outlook towards Winter Wellness:

1. Yoga & You & Universe: This theme is a fusion of ‘endowing postures, body balances, controlling breathing, developing concentration with meditation and getting a reflection of inner – self’.

This theme takes the inward journey through your ‘crown chakra’ and enhances the harmony of life as well as prepares for liberation.

This yoga theme aims at achieving unity between your ‘body, mind, and soul’. Ultimately it tries to unify you with the Universe and its infinite energies. Thus, this yoga will make you experience harmony, liberation, and itself.

2. Peeping into Your Soul: This yoga theme is an inward journey for discovering your soul from the oblivion of ultra–materialism. When you seek to know your inner – self, you start understanding yourself better. You start to hear your inner voice, your conscience is clear and you can heal yourself.

The amazing benefit of this yoga theme is it deals with our sixth chakra and opens your third eye. So, you develop peace within and a sense of premonition or intuition. This helps you cultivate ‘logical reasoning, deeper thought, and decision-making ability’.

You can feel the future, closing your eyes. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Speak Truth: This theme of yoga will focus on controlling your neck, shoulder, face, and breathing. It aims to free your expressions and speech. It gives you the confidence to speak up your mind and say it upfront.

It bestows you the grace of expressing, a loving tone, restricting being critical, and eradicating harshness. So, get ready to give your throat the power of speech and truth. No, more clenched jaw or tighten throat, while you speak.

4. Open Your Heart: This yoga theme focuses on the fourth chakra of your life. It works to open and balance the heart chakra from within. Thus, you will be able to give and receive love even in tough situations in your life.

In this yoga class, you will learn asanas to heal or strengthen your heart or cardio muscle, pranayama, meditation, and posture to strengthen your heart. This class will give you the power of ‘forgiveness, celebration unconditional love, and appreciating beauty’.

This yoga also helps you to open your respiratory system, enhance your immunity, and protect from the cold season.

Don’t have second thoughts; just join the different themes of Yoga; and unmask eternal joy with ‘Diya Yoga’.

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