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Disha Deshpande is a music journlast turned yoga teacher with an RYT in Classical Yoga and RYT in Ashtanga Vinyasa registered with Yoga Alliance.

She has been trained in classical indian dance, being also a movement junkie, she incorporates various art modalities into her work. Here classes are multi-style – Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative.

  • Name:          Disha Deshpande
  • Role:             Yoga Instructor

More Info

Introduced to yoga by a neighbour at the early age of 4, Disha turned to meditation durong her teenage years to understand and work on her depression, migraine and childhood trauma. She has healed several of her own physical injuries with the support of yoga as she started to know her body with yoga more and understanding the anatomy of the self made her an excellent teacher of anatomy.

As she is passionate about yoga creates workshop with yoga art and creativity, releasing old pattens, and establish a deeper communication with self. As also nature lover she loves to combine trekking and yoga as a wellness retreat also.

She believes that a yoga teacher’s biggest guru is their own body and mind, and advocates a well-rounded self-practice. “If you cannot listen to the needs of your own body, and provide, yopu cannot truly listen to the real needs of your student’s body and mind. A yoga teacher is merely a facilitator for the sacred union of the body-mind-breath.”

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