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We at Diya Yoga, designed our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course to incorporate the broader view of yoga, including philosophy, meditation, anatomy, kriya, and the art of teaching. Our goal is for our students to not only be able to design and deliver a yoga course to their future students but to also be able to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. For 24 days in India, you will immerse yourself in the practice of Hatha, vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga techniques. Our experienced and caring teacher trainers will guide you through yoga philosophy, meditation, anatomy, alignment, the art of teaching, and pranayama breathing techniques.

While our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is designed to train future yoga teachers, this course is open to all levels of students – from those who are just beginning their yoga journeys to those who have a more intermediate understanding of yoga and wish to develop a deeper understanding of yoga and self-healing. With this yoga teacher certification, you can be registered for the Yoga Alliance, which will allow you to work all around the world. During the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, our instructors emphasize the practice of asana (poses) and help you to improve your posture and alignment so you can reap maximum benefits for your body.

You will also learn pranayama which helps supply ample oxygen to each body part by relaxing the muscles of the respiratory system. As the course progresses, you will be encouraged to practice the responsibilities of an instructor so that you can gain first-hand experience teaching students in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Curriculum Highlights

We also welcome beginners who know nothing about yoga.

Our Yoga Teachers Training in Goa, India is crafted for students at every level, catering to beginners embarking on their yoga journeys and seasoned practitioners with years of experience. The hands-on program ensures a comprehensive understanding of yoga, enriching your knowledge and practice

You will learn the important basics of human anatomy, including the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and nervous systems, and how they are involved in yoga practice. You will also learn verbal techniques to help align your students as well as physical adjustments that can be made to ensure students get the most out of each pose.

An extremely critical topic, our adjustment and alignment lessons focus on teaching you how to adjust in each asana without causing any injuries to your body or your students. It is done not only to prevent any new stress or injury but also to avoid inflicting harm on any existing injuries. By gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy, and correct adjustment and alignment techniques, you can ensure that you and your students safely reap the benefits of yoga for years to come.

In our teacher training methodology, we encourage you to observe the responsibilities of a yoga teacher by explaining the ethics and values of being a yoga teacher while also supporting you to see your potential. During this course, you will learn how to take care of your students. 

We guide you through the steps of setting up a successful yoga business and what mistakes you should avoid when starting your studio.

You will learn a variety of asana styles during our 24 days course including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative. While Hatha is the foundation of all yogic asana practices and focuses on creating a balance between the mind and body, Vinyasa is a modern, fast-paced practice that is characterized by an easing together of movements, so your body flows from one posture to another seamlessly. 

We aim to practice these two yoga styles with patience and awareness of alignment early in the morning. In the afternoon and early evenings, we slow things down with Yin and Restorative yoga practices. These yogic styles are gentler and more contemplative, allowing you space to turn inward and tune into your mind as well as the physical sensations of your body.

During this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Goa, you will learn meditation techniques that can be used to improve your breathing while also creating a sense of patience and calmness in your daily life. 

You will be taught a variety of active, passive, and analytic meditation techniques, so you have the freedom to choose which meditation style is best for your daily life. 

You will participate in a small-group practicum each week so you can learn how to teach others and lose any fear of speaking or teaching in a group setting. Our teacher trainers will observe your lessons and give valuable feedback at the end of each practicum so you can continually improve your overall teaching quality. 

Breathing is life, but due to lifelong stress and tension, many of us have created dysfunctional breathing patterns. Throughout this course, we will work on different pranayama practices so you can learn to relax the muscles of the respiratory system, supplying oxygen to all the body parts and mind, and greatly benefitting your physical and mental health.

In this course, you will learn Surya namaskar (sun-salutation sequence) in detail, including alignment, adjustment, and breath awareness. Every posture in this sequence is coordinated with your breath and requires focus. 

When done properly, this sequence is enough to keep you fit and aware throughout the day. It is also a great series for warming up the body and preparing to go deeper in other poses. 

We are a non-dogmatic yoga school, so our philosophy classes are not rigid and orthodox but rather involve open discussions on how to bring the old ways into this modern world. We start with a brief overview of yoga history and then teach the eight limbs of the yoga sutra by Patanjali.

You will also learn about the three Gunas and the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. You will learn how to not only implement yoga and its philosophies on your mat, but also in your daily life for a more balanced, happy, and healthy way of living.

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