50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

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50 hour yoga teacher training retreat (Pre-TTC) at Diya Yoga – Goa is a 7-day course. This course is designed for anyone who does not have time and still wants to have an introduction to yoga asana, philosophy, and basic alignments. It is a part of the 200-yoga teacher training course. For the first 7 days of the course, we teach yoga basic knowledge.

In this 50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, one learns the basics of Hatha Yoga, Sun salutation, alignment of basic asana, and yogic anatomy of chakra. This is a very important ground for going deeper into your yogic practice. We also have meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions during this week. As this is a yoga retreat course, students don’t need to come to all the classes, you can have free time during anatomy classes. If you are interested in knowing a bit more about yoga and have less time, this is the right course for you.

50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training - Curriculum Highlights

Learning the right way to do the Hatha sun salutation with breath and the right direction gaze.

Learning every day, asana practice and alignment about each asana posture. In the evening, there are yin yoga classes. 

The practice of pranayama in the morning classes and also basic 5 pranayama practice will be taught during this week. 

Learning about chakras and nadi, practical tools are given to connect to your chakra energy.

All-Inclusive 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

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Training Schedule

50 Hour Yoga Retreat Program
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Goa 18th to 23th November 2024 Book Now
Goa 06th to 11th January 2025 Book Now
Goa 04th to 08th February 2025 Book Now
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Course Fees For 50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Pricing
Facilities Price
Private Room with air-conditioning €750
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)