Importance Of Yoga In Our Daily Life

The Holy Book of Hinduism ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ quotes yoga as –  Yoga is a blissful journey of one’s soul, mind, and body; traversed from one’s soul, mind, and body; uplifting one’s soul, mind, and body.  Source: The Bhagavad Gita | Yoga is now fast becoming the most followed lifestyle by people around the world. Especially, the urban population is getting attracted to the yoga asanas, yoga sutras, and yoga poses.  The modern lifestyle is a threat to a healthy lifestyle; and it invites a lot of diseases. These two reasons are making people around the globe join yoga every day in great numbers.  Yoga is one of the most followed lifestyle improvement programs of urban people.  Youth, especially women, are more fascinated by the benefits of yoga.  The benefits of yoga are the best antidote to the threats of modern lifestyle. Nothing brings healing, comfort, fitness, strength, and rejuvenation better than practicing daily yoga asanas or poses.  The benefits of yoga asanas is making it an important part of our daily routine. If fitness is what you are looking for then you must understand the ‘importance of yoga in our daily life’. 

Let explore the importance of yoga in daily life

9 to 5 Job Often people are stuck in rat race for survival or maintaining a materialistic enriched life. The pressure of rat race is such that to maintain a good life, they miss the quality of life. The lack of quality of life leads to numerous health issues, depression, and anxiety. This not only increases their hospital bills, but people also tend to suffer from physical and mental ailments. It results in unhappy life, and frustrated days. Yoga sutras are designed 5000 years back to enrich your life with quality of happiness, contentment, peace, and energy. People practicing yoga daily feel more stable, grounded, emotionally balanced, and mentally strong. They can overcome any difficulties and problems of life. Yoga helps to deal well with work pressure, nervousness, and shaky confidence. Thus, a 9 to 5 job doesn’t become a hurdle in having a happy life with your loved ones. Insomnia Sleep is the first requisite for a healthy life. If a person is deprived of quality and sound sleep every night, then it will lead to grave health issues. Lack of sleep is termed as sleeplessness. Prolonged sleeplessness leads to insomnia. A person with insomnia is suffering from a condition where the person’s inability to sleep at night obscures the day to day activities. Insomnia or not being able to sleep can lead to low immunity, risk of diabetes, hormonal imbalances, fluctuation of blood pressure, and body fat saturation. The overall body function is impaired by sleeplessness. In such cases, it becomes worse by consuming sleeping pills or anti – depressants. The gulp of pills sometimes becomes a habit and can lead to other physical problems. The best way to treat insomnia is to adapt to a life boosted by yoga. There are many yoga asanas and yoga poses to get good sleep every night. Even Nidra yoga is very useful to treat insomnia. This branch of yoga ensures that your body, mind and soul is in harmony. Practice of this yoga in particular gives relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. The bad effects of sleeplessness can be cured by daily practice of yoga. Imbalances of Life Modern life is often glamorous, flashy, and full of entertainment. But, modernity has its own curses. While following modernity, one’s body, mind and soul is first detached from tranquility, spirituality, and rest. One finds oneself in the midst of excessive illusions, show off, and constant thriving for unachieved luxury. One is consumed by the vices of modernity and modern entertainment. Late night parties, alcohol, smoking, and sleepless nights are few vices of modernity to start. Slowly, one is gripped by health ailments, family life disturbances, personal life messes, professional hiccups, and mental instability. The ultimate result is growing imbalances of life aspects. These imbalances further lead to depression, chronic health issues, fights with closed ones, irritability and growing anger issues. Here, yoga plays the role of a magic wand that solves all the problems of life caused by modernity. Yoga is a great way to balance the imbalances of body, mind and soul. Yoga asanas bring the body, mind and soul in complete harmony. Harmonious body, mind and soul will lead to a balanced outlook towards life and its varied aspects. A balanced approach towards life’s aspects mainly socio, economic, cultural and personal will automatically bring contentment of heart. Daily practicing of yoga will pacify anger, cleanse body toxins, strengthen mental attributes, control emotional reactions, flush out negativities from the brain, and boost life with vitality it requires. A body, mind and soul enriched with vibrancy, and optimism will balance the overall life. Worries and Diseases Worries and diseases walk hand in hand. The more worried one is, the more diseased one will become with every passing day. Worries are born from different reasons and different situations of life. Worries are accompanied by stress, panic attacks, anxiety, and acute or chronic depression. Thus, if you are worried, you are inviting all negative attributes towards your life. In the long run thus, being worried will lead to many diseases in your physical and mental body. Once the physical and mental well-being is lost, life is lost or its valuable time is wasted in suffering. Yoga is the best way to keep oneself free of worries. Yoga heals traumas, eliminates tiredness, eradicates body stiffness, clears mental fog, and promotes self-healing. Achieving self-healing is often the prerequisite for a healthy body, strong mind, and pure soul. A healthy body accompanied by a strong mind and supported by a pure soul will often lead to a peaceful life.  Thus, yoga is the best lifestyle program to live a happy life, attain goals, and celebrate blissfulness.  Therefore, it is proved that the importance of yoga in our daily life cannot be denied. So, yoga should be on everyone’s ‘Wish List or To Do Bucket List’ for this year.

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