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First and foremost do I need to be flexible for yoga nidra? Nope. Don’t let the name fool you, yoga Nidra practice does not involve any handstands or down dogs or any other active asanas (aka postures). In fact, all you need to practice yoga Nidra is a comfortable place where you can either lie...
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We all know Corona and all the news about it. A microorganism has threatened us to our existence. A beautiful reminder to all us human, about how small we are, as we were thinking we are the ultimate powerful beings. All governments doing lockdown is for our benefits. Yes, lockdown is difficult But now there...
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Yoga Nidra helps you to lead a better way of life and helps to relax, of  the daily stress as it is a deep relaxation exercise. It brings in the ultimate serenity. Yoga Nidra training helps in improving the quality of life, and one can now feel the inspiration to go ahead. If you are...
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Yoga Teacher Training Diya Yoga 2019
India is the origin of yoga. It is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that helps one to stay healthier and happier. There are several yoga devotees present and dream to become a yoga instructor. Though everyone chooses the different path of being a professional to learn yoga 100-hours yoga teacher training is an...
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Full Body Mountain Pose: How to do the pose and its Benefits
Mountains pose which is known as Tadasana is basic asana for all standing positions. The standing pose Tadasana brings body in alignment, and mental balance. The accurate position of Tadasana helps to perform the all other standing postures and inversions like handstand and headstand. It is a basic yoga posture which is an appropriate asana...
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From big psychologists to counselors, therapists to doctors, everyone is looking to learn this technique to get a wider range of benefits. Because of daily busy, hectic schedules, relaxation has become difficult. This course allows you to enjoy the ultimate experience of relaxation that is left untouched. Join this Yoga Nidra course now to transform...
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