10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Yoga In Goa, India

Lord Shiva is also known by the name ‘Adi Yogi’. The name ‘Adi Yogi’ means the one who originated yoga in this world. 

Excerpt about Adi Yogi: 

Shiva is the originator of Yoga; they taught the sages of ancient India the sutras of Yoga. Therefore, Lord Shiva is known as the first yogi and first Guru of this Universe. 

Adi Yogi is a set of two words; where ‘Adi’ means first, and ‘Yogi’ means the one who practices yoga. Thus, ‘Adi Yogi’ according to ‘Yogic Sutras and Philosophy’ is the third-eyed ‘Lord Shiva’. 

Shiva who knew all knowledge of this Universe first gave an account of yoga asanas and techniques to his consort and wife ‘Ma Parvati’.

The teaching of ‘yogic sutras’ by Lord Shiva also consisted of fundamentals of creation and liberation. 

Then he became the first guru by imparting the knowledge of ‘Yoga’ to the seven sages. These seven sages were also known as ‘Saptarishis’. Thus, the seven sages were ‘Lord Shiva’s’ first disciples after ‘Ma Parvati’.

These ‘Saptarishis’ spread the ‘Yogic Sutras’ amidst human civilization. It is believed the age of ‘Yogic practices and Yoga philosophy’ dates back 10000 years to 5000 years. 

Know the Word: 

Saptarishis : Sapta + Rishis = Sapta means seven & Rishis mean Sages 

I am sure that no one is confident why India is the best place to learn ‘Yoga’. The 10 reasons are just icing over the cake; as the excerpt of ‘Adi Yogi’ is too convincing to start from the land where the yoga started.  

Short Introduction of Yoga: 

Yoga is practiced by monks today to keep the body fit, energized, young, and disease free. The regular practice of yoga helps to maintain a perfect balance between body, mind, and soul. 

The harmony between body, mind, and soul is the first requisite to attain higher stages of meditation, and eventually achieve moksha.

Yoga is therefore the start of actions toward breaking the shackles of the birth and death cycle.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Yoga In Goa, India

The best place to learn yoga in India is the ‘Las Vegas of East’ known as Goa.

Anecdote about Goa:

Goa is a complex pattern of colors borrowed from ‘Portuguese cultures’ basked in Indian traditions.

It is highlighted by sun-adorned golden beaches, whistling waves of aquamarine sea, mouth-watering seafood, laid a back attitude towards life yet spiritually activated landscapes.

Goa is a paradise for every yoga enthusiast and practitioner in this world. And if you want to learn yoga amid sun, sea, and sands then ‘Goa’ is your address. 


Learning Yoga in Goa is affordable for every yoga lover. The round trip by flight, stay, food, and sightseeing are cheap in comparison to learning yoga in any foreign yoga studio.

The yoga training cost in India is also economical in comparison to other nations. Further, you get the ambiance as mentioned in the ‘Yoga Sutras’ for learning the secrets of ‘Yoga and its fundamentals’.

The average cost for extra food and drinks is very cheap in comparison to any ‘European countries or West’.

 You can have lavish food and drinks for as cheap as US$ 10.

Focused and No Distractions:

Studying yoga in Goa, India is further advised as it gives you a continuous learning experience of the philosophies of Yoga.

The student is completely focused and involved in learning the yoga sutras. There is no break like we get disturbed back at home from day to day routine or other personal or professional tasks.

In yoga centers in Goa, India you can completely focus on mastering the asanas and poses, without any disturbances or distractions.

Adapting the Culture:

To learn the philosophies of yoga, one must also adhere to the cultures and traditions required to master it.

In the yoga centers the idea of ancient ‘Gurukul’ is practiced earnestly without any exceptions.

The ancient Gurukul as mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures is a place developed by inculcating the five elements of nature.

The yoga centers in India will further help you to adapt to the yoga culture, philosophy, and fundamentals easily.

Unless, you build your life based on the yogic cultures, philosophy, and fundamentals; it is more obvious you will falter in your regular yoga practice.

Learning Let Go:

To master the yoga asanas and poses, one must first learn the yamas and niyamas. The yamas and niyamas are necessary for learning yoga sutras, successfully.

Yoga learning is not about expensive yoga clothes, yoga mats, and competition.

In India, you will learn yoga differently; where it is about letting go of possessiveness, letting go of greed, and letting go of materialistic obsession.

These three negatives of possessiveness, greed, and obsession will play a hindrance in learning yoga.

In yoga centers in Goa, India you can learn the art of letting go of the negatives holding you to attain peace, harmony, and clarity.

Learn Complimentary Secrets of India:

Yoga in India is just fascinating as it teaches not about the asanas and poses, but also teaches you about ‘Ayurveda’.

Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand. So, you can learn the secrets of Ayurveda, based on herbs and many techniques to cure yourself.

Continuous Learning Yoga:

When you are learning yoga constantly for 200 hours or courses of weeks or months, then it helps you master yoga quickly and grasp every technique.

Else, yoga in breaks just doesn’t let you achieve the level of mastery.

Development of Patience:

Yoga comes with meditation. If you come to yoga centers in India to learn yoga, then you default enroll in meditation practices.

Meditation is the essence of keeping the mind calm, composed, and emotionally strengthening.

It helps you to eradicate negativity from thoughts, install peace in life, secure inner joy, and develop robustness to face all challenges of life.

Thus, it ultimately makes you a person with great patience and enduring power.

Community Building:

The yoga centers in Goa, India are a second home to yoga lovers from across the globe.

Therefore, if you come to learn yoga from India, you get to learn the cultures from around the world, all the while learning techniques of yoga.

You can build a great community and get information about the philosophies of different cultures. Great way to start yoga.

Right Environment:

Yoga centers in Goa, India provide an ashram ambiance, also known as the right environment to learn yoga.

The right environment aids you to develop healthy habits, and new routines to balance your life and grow spiritually.

Training while Traveling:

Goa is great for yoga training and learning as you can travel like you are on a holiday.

Goa offers great tourist attractions amid its beaches, nightlife, heritage, culture, food, and sacred places. 

These 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Yoga In Goa, India are highlights of a great experience that is waiting to unfold.


Goa is known for its water sports and nature’s adventure.

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