6 Rewarding Benefits Of Being A Yoga Teacher

6 Rewarding Benefits Of Being A Yoga Teacher

Yoga denotes the union of mind, body, and soul with the Divine, achieving a state of consciousness, inner or self-realization, and the path guiding you to reach that goal. Teaching yoga helps others attain that objective, and being a Yoga instructor so is such an exceptionally rewarding and beneficial hobby or profession one must always look forward to. 

6 ways the profession of Yoga Teacher/Instructor benefits you:

  1. Rewarding to support & inspire wannabes on their journey-When you see others begin their journey of physical, spiritual healing, and self-discovery taught at yoga institutions, and you realize you’re on the right track teaching students and aspirants, enabling them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and viewing them embarking on the journey of inner-positivity and soul-searching is one of the most rewarding benefits of becoming Yoga Teachers.
  1. Viewing growth, healing, transformation, and evolvement in students & aspirants is an amazing and satisfying one- As classes progress, you will watch your students’ and wannabes’ transformation from being  clumsy, misguided fawns into graceful, majestic human beings. They’ll evolve from barely being able to complete the simplest asana or posture to being so graceful, totally in sync with their minds, bodies, and souls, entailing them to practice even the most advanced, intricate yogic postures imparted by you. You’ll see students benefit from physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, you being fully aware of the brain behind this miraculous transformation of theirs! It’s a moment of pride, honor, and ecstasy!
  1. Not only teach students but also learn from them-As you impart yoga training to students increasing their knowledge, and your own yogic practice and lifestyle will deepen and expand. Spurring students and aspirants to a greater height of relaxation and inner consciousness will motivate you to grow and evolve much deeper and more complete, and your service to the yogic community will pay off with lasting rewards of inner peace and contentment. Moreover, knowledge imparted to students will find that same serenity in their innermost places.
  1. Validate your own understanding & interpretation of yoga-While teaching yoga to students-showing the right ways to do postures and asanas, teachers will completely be in sync with five points of yoga, including exercise (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation, diet, positive thinking (Vedanta) and meditation (dhyana). Thus you become yoga practitioners and highly effective teachers of yogic practice and lifestyle.
  1. Get to travel to exotic places, do something you’re passionate about, and get paid for it- Being a Yoga instructor you have the privilege of journeying to exotic locales for teaching students and aspirants. You can teach yoga practice at gorgeous resorts, on popular cruise lines, etc. You can find yourself traveling to Hawaii, Bahamas, the Mediterranean, and other breathtaking places to teach yoga classes-best part is you’re doing what you love and getting paid for it!
  1. Becoming more explorative with a creative bent of mind- Being a Yoga instructor you become more creative as you learn new ways to teach five principles and four paths of yoga apart from learning to explore teaching methods and practices thereby evolving as yoga instructors and expanding knowledge and understanding of yogic nuances.

Diya Yoga is a Yoga Alliance-certified RYS200 school located at the beautiful beach of Arambol, North Goa, India provides a yoga teacher training (YTT) course that merges ancient Vedic knowledge with modern yoga asanas taught by highly skilled and trained Indian and International teachers. We decipher comprehensive theoretical and practical training programs during a 25-day structured course. After completion of the 200-hour YTT course in Goa , you’ll emerge as a confident teacher with enhanced skills.

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