A Brief Overview of Yoga Nidra & Its All-Encompassing Benefits

A Brief Overview of Yoga Nidra & Its All-Encompassing Benefits

Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique imparted at yoga teacher training course in Goa or elsewhere, where yoga instructors/practitioners enter deep states of conscious relaxation. In fact, Yoga Nidra taught at best yoga teacher training programs in Goa, is a systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to inner world, bringing us in close proximity to a state of deep slumber involving complete sense of relaxation of our sensory organs, intellect, and mind. It aids in reducing stress and anxiety bringing in mindfulness amongst people amidst this busy, chaotic world outside. Yoga Nidra practiced and preached at 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa, is a form of meditation more powerful than sleep as it deeply restores body and mind via complete relaxation and that too consciously. Whilst practicing Yoga Nidra, you consciously draw attention to different parts of the body and slowly switch them off. It aims to cool down body after yoga sessions paving the way for meditation and pranayama-two most sought-after things needed to maintain equilibrium and sustain oneself in this fiercely competitive, cruel world.

Engaging History of Yoga Nidra-Its Origin

Practice of Yoga Nidra imparted at yoga teacher training course in Goa, was first mentioned in writings of the ancient Sanskrit texts of Upanishads from sixth and seventh centuries. Yogic instructor Satyananda Saraswati later took it upon himself the onus of popularizing this beneficial Yoga Nidra in 20th century after going through Tantric scriptures. He had experienced yogic system advocating and upholding the fact that Yoga Nidra helps people unearth deep layers of their psyches.

All-Round Benefits of Yoga Nidra taught at Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Goa:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and worries by bringing about sense of calmness and stillness in one’s body and mind.
  • Slows down nervous system, relaxes muscles, and releases emotional tension.
  • Creates space in brain that helps to improve cognitive performance and strengthen memory.
  • Builds up confidence and allows to get good quality sleep.

10 stages of Yoga Nidra practiced & preached at best yoga teacher training programs in Goa:

  1. Connect to your heart’s innermost desire focusing on a lifelong goal or something pertaining to your health, visualizing reaching this goal and feeling of joy and euphoria that comes with accomplishment of your objective.
  2. Eye for an intention related to your yoga practice to get centred, to put some self-care on the schedule, keeping it at the forefront of Yoga Nidra practice.
  3. Find out your inner resource involving tapping into a safe space within the body for feeling secured and at ease whilst practicing.
  4. Scan your body to focus on certain parts or sensations running throughout your body for reducing tension so that you can relax.
  5. Be conscious of your breath paying attention to the flowing of air in and out of your body taking note of how it comes in your nostrils with the rising and falling of abdomen, aiding you in slowing down and breathe evenly.
  6. Welcome & embrace your feelings whatever it might be-good or bad, recognizing it enables you to think about the opposite of whatever feelings or emotions you are currently undergoing, to balance things out.
  7. Witness your thoughts in the moment without evaluating or trying to block them out, contemplating only about the positive aspects of things in case any negative thought about yourself surfaces, for easing out tensions and worries.
  8. Feel the joy within making yourself feel blessed and embrace happiness savouring every moment of Life.
  9. Observe your self becoming aware of your personality & how you might be feeling, which in other words, denotes your sense of ‘I-ness’ followed by considering yourself an observing witness helping you to be more aware and in sync with your feelings.
  10.  Reflect on your practice contemplating over your feelings and what you are able to tap into during your yoga session, thinking about the ways to bring happiness, peace, and contentment into daily lives irrespective of good or not-so-good times.

How to do Yoga Nidra practiced and imparted at 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa:

  • Lie down in comfortable position, close eyes and relax your body. Thereafter, choose your intention and contemplate over your heartfelt desire known as ‘Sankalpa’.
  • Rotate your consciousness, stimulate brain by moving your awareness to each body part one by one.
  • Focus on entire body and see how you feel.

In many ways Yoga Nidra is similar to Meditation-benefits and practices are the same. However, there are some distinctive differences between Yoga Nidra, Yoga or Meditation.

Meditation is typically a seated practice where your body is comfortable, yet upright and alert. Yoga, to put it simply, the yogic classes generally refer to a yoga asana classes with varied forms of yoga. Yoga Nidra, on the other hand, is generally practiced lying down in the yoga posture of ‘savasana’ so you can let go completely.

Things one should keep in mind before practicing Yoga Nidra:

  • Practice Yoga Nidra on an empty stomach and not right after taking heavy meals for avoiding sickness/uncomfortable feeling.
  • Practice Yoga Nidra in a calm, quiet, and clutter-free locations without any distractions to relax your entire system.
  • Use sleep masks to block out light.
  • Keep blankets as many people tend to feel cold after performing Yoga Nidra session.
  • Practice Yoga Nidra in recliner/bed also.

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