200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Give A Positive Twist To Life With 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

Practicing yoga instills within you profound life lessons ensuring all-round, holistic development of mind, body, and soul. It’s a feel-good positive feeling that you would have never explored or experienced before. The significance of yoga has been always there from time immemorial, and nowadays its benevolent roles in day-to-day lives have increased manifold. This reinstates the fact that many aspiring to learn, teach and take up yoga training teachers as their career options, are joining the fray with the noble aim of changing peoples’ lives for the better. Enrolling in a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in India to fulfill your ambition is the way to go!

Learning to breathe properly

During a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, you’re taught to inhale, exhale in the correct manner, and are introduced to Pranayama- different techniques of breathing. ‘Prana’ means to breathe or cosmic life force and ‘Yama’ refers to control or regulate. So, the word ‘Pranayama’ in totality signifies controlling the duration of inhaling, retention, and exhaling, regular practice of Pranayama helps to have a healthy body and sound mind. Practicing breath work imparted at a yoga teacher training entails attaining a new state of mindfulness and calmness, enabling a paradigm shift in looking at life’s perspective in a positive way of mind through living in the present moment and expressing gratitude towards it.


Meditation taught during the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, is all about getting still and steady leading us to take our attention inwards. Mediation is an integral part of the Yoga training course in India, starting with attending to Breath, Which slowly moves towards watching thoughts and gently letting them pass through, devoid of judgment or analysis, merely observing any occurrence of patterns. It is difficult sometimes to watch the thoughts, so during yoga teacher training you learn different tools to bring more awareness so you can go deeper in the meditation, Through this process, the mind starts to slow down getting calmer without distractions. As we find peace and solace within ourselves, we begin to unearth our real underlying nature.

Cultivating a novel way of thinking armed with gratitude

Some days are challenging during the yoga teacher training course Especially in India as there are days when one does not feel to wake up to do Asana practice, having simple food even not have sufficient time for self-reflection during the daytime. Despite all these challenges and difficulties, there are so many precious moments of happiness, and physical and mental relief, Indeed, these are moments of gratitude towards finding your path of self-growth and self-discovery. 

Learning proper alignment

Proper alignment in yoga taught at a 200-hour yoga teachers training course in India is of paramount importance for minimizing injury risks during asana practice and making room for growth, change, and progression both on and off the mat. Different body types have different alignments, bringing awareness to that. On mat with form and intensity, we can physically perceive bodily changes. A good and regular yoga practice imparted at the training, enables you to have a clear approach towards life, for which practice, courage, discipline, time, and patience are of utmost necessity.

Getting a feel of mind, body & soul connect

Yoga, being part of teacher training works from the inside out, with postures symbolizing the purification process. For the body, several postures involve twists to wring out, massage, and strengthen muscles, tissues, and organs. Deep breathing techniques taught during training courses are designed to build up heat and burn off toxins. Sit still and breathe deeply and audibly in and out of the nose for 5 minutes or even longer, counting up 8 and down 8, and notice the heat. This practice of internal cleansing with a healthy diet and meditation work wonders both physically and mentally.

Deep spiritual awakening-Yoga teacher training course completely supports your objectives of getting and preaching healthy body, mind, soul, and purpose. It’s an exhilarating experience you get to feel via personal discourses and self-contemplative activities. Makes you mature on a deeper level, opening up new avenues for life’s opportunities, simultaneously paving way for a better, enriched, and fulfilling life.

Diya Yoga is a Yoga Alliance-certified RYS200 school located at the beautiful beach of Arambol, North Goa, India. Our yoga teacher training (YTT) course merges ancient Vedic knowledge with modern yoga asanas styles taught by highly trained Indian and International teachers. We decipher an all-around theoretical and practical training program during a 25-day structured course. After completion of the 200-hour yoga teachers training course in Goa India with Diya Yoga, you’ll emerge as a confident teacher with enhanced skills ready to share your enriching journey and enlightening experience with other aspirants. So, go ahead and fulfill your dreams!

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