Practice Yoga In Right Postures To Get Maximum Benefits

Practice Yoga In Right Postures To Get Maximum Benefits

Practicing yoga in correct postures enables the all-around development of mind, body, and soul. It provides a holistic approach to your overall well-being, soothes, calms, and relaxes your mind and nerves, preparing you to face challenges that the world outside throws before you. In recent times, Practice Yoga in Right Way has become the norm of the world today, with almost people of all age groups, ranging from 8 to 80s soaking in the goodness and beneficial aspect of Yoga that gives them a balanced life free from stress and life’s hustle-bustle. Thus, Practicing Yoga with Diya Yoga in Right Way is a stressbuster in the true sense of the term and is undoubtedly and undeniably, a way of life for the better!

Tips to Practice Yoga in Right Way:


  1. Saucha means a cleanliness-Fundamental prerequisite to Practice Yoga cleanliness of surroundings, body and mind.
  2. Asanas should be practiced on an empty stomach. Consume small amount of honey in lukewarm water if you’re feeling weak.
  3. Bladder & bowels should be emptied before starting to Practice Yoga in Right Way.
  4. Yogic practices should be performed in slow manner, with special emphasis be given on body and breath.
  5. Asanas should be done slowly and then be shifted to advanced postures to Practice Yoga in Right Way.
  6. A warm up or loosening exercise and stretches before asanas is mandatory to Practice Yoga in Right Way, to avoid injuries of any sort.
  7. Try to consume Satvik food (avoid or reduce meat, eggs, onion, garlic and mushrooms from diet).
  8. Wear supportive, comfortable clothes that will let you to breathe to Practice Yoga in Right Way. Cotton clothes are most preferable for free-flowing body movement.
  9. Yoga should be practiced in well-ventilated room having pleasant air, or in nature.
  10. Use mat with good grip for doing Yogasanas.
  11. Be aware of breath while Practicing Yoga asana.
  12. Complete yoga session with relaxation techniques as Savasana or Yoga Nidra to cool down.
  13. Do not hold breathe unless it’s specifically mentioned for a specific asana or pranayama.
  14. Always breathe through nostrils unless instructed otherwise.
  15. Do not hold body tight or give undue jerks to body.
  16. Perform practices according to one’s capacity as it takes time to get good results to Practice Yoga in Right Way.
  17. Contra-indications/limitations are there for each Yoga practice.
  18. Yoga sessions should end with meditation/deep silence/Sankalpa/Santi patha, etc.


  1. Yoga should not be performed in a state of exhaustion, illness, hurry, or in an acute stress condition.
  2. Women should refrain from regular yoga practice especially asanas during their menses. Relaxation techniques and pranayama can be performed instead of Practice Yoga in the Right Way.
  3. Don’t do yoga right after you consume meals. Wait for 2-3 hours to get started.
  4. Don’t shower or drink water or eat food for 30 minutes after doing yoga.
  5. During illness, surgeries, sprains, or fractures, one should refrain from doing Yoga, or if so, then under the consultation of yoga experts.
  6. Don’t do strenuous exercise post-Yoga if you’re  interested into Practice Yoga in Right Way.
  7. One needs to follow Yamas or restraints for spiritual growth according to yoga texts.

Thus, Practice Yoga in Right Way reaps maximum long-term benefits leading to a healthy body and a sound mind.

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