Why yoga is your key to a happier and healthier life

Happy and Healthy Life = Peaceful Mind + Vitality + Sound Sleep 

The more you are peaceful in life, the more relaxed and happier you will feel in every aspect of your life.

Life is healthy if you have vitality; because vitality is the state of being strong, active, and full of energy.

Sound sleep is required for the proper functioning of body organs, robust immunity, and normal functioning of body parameters.

Thus, peace, vitality, and sound sleep is the mantra of happy and healthy life.

But, the modern lifestyle has led to a lot of chaos in our life.

The chaos is the result of rat race, competitive professional life, materialistic desires, bad habits, late-night parties, personal life disturbances and work pressure.

This chaos of life leads to stress, anger, frustration, insomnia, and emotional pain.

Ultimately, peace, vitality and sound sleep goes to oblivion. Therefore, the very essence of a happier and healthier life is lost. 

Code of Happier and Healthier Life:

Yoga, which dates back to 10000 years to 5000 years, holds the secrets of a happier and healthier life.

The benefits of yoga are uncountable and modern science is still learning about its benefits in human life.

The measuring of yoga benefits will keep on going in this world of rationality; but medical science has already accepted the immense benefits of yoga.

Thus, doctors today advise patients to opt for yoga classes and practice yoga for healing. Fitness instructors, dieticians and therapists also advise yoga for health benefits, weight management and to attain a body free of diseases.

Essence of Yoga: 

Yoga is a technique comprising asanas and poses for the attainment of physical, mental and spiritual excellence.

By attainment of physical, mental and spiritual excellence, one brings one’s body, mind and soul to perfect harmony.

The balance of body, mind, and soul ensures higher consciousness, better understanding of inner – self, greater acceptance, and clarity of thoughts.

Therefore, one accomplishes the goal of being content and rejuvenated.

So, content leads to happiness in life and rejuvenation assures a healthier life.

Yoga is therefore a process that involves varied asanas, physical poses, focus of mind, and concentrating on one’s breath; which opens the doorway to a happier and healthier life.

Facts about Yoga:

Yoga helps to bring composure and calmness of mind

Yoga aids in the relaxation of a tiring brain

Yoga is an excellent practice as it calms the mind to have a sound sleep

Yoga revitalizes the body by strengthening muscles, eradicating bone corrosion, and unlocking the infinite energy of the human body

Yoga Sutras guarantee to increase life span and affect longevity in a positive way by eliminating diseases or increasing the immunity of the body

Let’s look into – Why yoga is your key to a happier and healthier life?

Dive into the benefits of yoga where you will find it does influence longevity, happiness, health and vitality. 

  1. Strengthens Joints and Cartilage Flexibility:

    Yoga is all about poses and asanas; it helps to bring flexibility in different parts of the body. The stiffness of the body is minimized as different poses help joints and cartilage to receive proper blood flow, balanced nutrients, and eradicate chances of tear or corrosion.

    So, yoga strengthens joints and cartilage flexibility to ultimately minimize the chances of arthritis and any form of deformity.
  2. Proper Blood Flow in Body:

    Yoga is the best way to relax your body, mind, and soul. When your body is relaxed your body gets good blood circulation. The yogic twist and turn supply new oxygen-rich blood to your organs. The movements of different parts of the body due to yoga poses ensure a greater supply of oxygen to your cells ensuring youthful vigor.
    Yoga also balances the hemoglobin level, resulting in optimum red blood cells. Therefore, yoga eradicates chances of blood clotting, sudden heart failure and heart or brain stroke.
  3. Detox Body for Clean Lymph and Strong Immunity:

    Yoga is a great detox for your body, mind, and soul. In our body, yoga drains out toxins for lymph, strengthens the immune system, and eliminates dying cells, and cleanses waste from our body.

    Therefore, yoga prepares our body to fight diseases, infections, and invading foreign agents in our body cells with prompt actions.

    Yoga can balance antibody levels and also reduce attacks by autoimmune diseases.
  4. Strong Bones:

    Yoga poses and techniques are known to be excellent for healing sore muscles and weak bones. Bones often suffer from osteoporosis, which means low bone density. Yoga strengthens bone density by weight bearing during practice of different yoga postures.

    Medical research has accepted that regular yoga practice will enhance muscles strengths and increase bone density.
  5. Control Blood Sugar:

    Yoga is known to cut cholesterol from the body. cholesterol is one of the main reasons for blood sugar in our body. LDL also known as bad cholesterol, resists insulin production in the body and impairs its function.

    Thus, high LDL cholesterol leads to blood sugar in the human body. The opposite of HDL cholesterol is also known as good cholesterol. Excellent cholesterol aids in weight loss and eradicates LDL in the body.

    Yoga is known for eradicating LDL cholesterol levels and boosting HDL cholesterol levels in our body. Thus, insulin function is enhanced by yoga postures.

    Diabetes or blood sugar is thereby controlled by yoga practice. Yoga practice directly lowers cortisol, and adrenaline levels, and enhances insulin effectiveness.

    Low blood sugar ensures good health by eliminating chances of heart failure or complications, kidney problems, and glaucoma or blindness.
  6. Miscellaneous Health Benefits:

    Yoga also has other health benefits. To name more health benefits, we should start with body balance, calm the nervous system, good sleep, treat insomnia, cleanse lungs, better digestive system, improvement in adrenal glands, boost heart rate, develop confidence towards self-care and healthy life.

    Therefore, yoga is undoubtedly the key to a happy, healthy, and hopeful life.

    One must not take chances with health. Health is the key to the good life, successful life, and a life with balance in every aspect.

    Join yoga or practice yoga.

    “Yoga is Transformation – Yoga gives life with happier ends and a Healthier approach…”

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