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Azuka is a Movement Artist, certified Multi-Style Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Massage Therapist & a ‘Sustainable Fashion’ Designer. Her Sacred Quest, work & message are deeply rooted in Self-Healing, Empowerment, Expression, Sensuality, Transformation, Expansion, & most importantly, Freedom.

  • Name:          Azuka
  • Role:             Yoga Instructor

More Info

Her approach & unique Style is born from her personal Life experiences & travels around the world for +30 years. During the past years she developed her own Yoga+Mobility Method: ‘WILD FLOW’ & guided various people on their path of Growth & Evolution.

She’s teaching internationally in Festivals, Retreats, YTTC and also created her own brand of Recycled clothing supporting local community, ‘Azuka Collection’.

‘You are You. With your Story, your Traumas, your Body Shape, your Dreams, your Skills .. Make of your Uniqueness a Talent, a Legend, an Inspiration. Be your own hero’
~ Azuka

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