Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) Pose Health Benefits


Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose) is a traditional pose which is also part of Surya Namaskar asana. The regular practice of this pose will relax your muscles, release stress and several other benefits

Take a look on the various benefits of Standing Forward Bend Pose, if it is practiced regularly.

1. Eliminate stress

Like all yoga poses, Uttanasana is also helpful in eliminating stress. This pose is influential in combating exhaustion and tension. This poses help the body to relax in the forward fold bend and it eventually makes the chest opening and tightening of the shoulder. Comprehensively, This pose aids peace and optimistic about the whole body and mind.

2. Helps in treating sleeplessness

People who are facing the problem of insomnia or lack of sleep, then you should not worry, because the Standing forward fold pose is the best remedy to combat the depression, tension, and tiredness which eventually help people to get a peaceful sleep. Insomnia affects badly in overall health as it makes serious health issues.

3. Improve digestion

While doing the Uttanasana pose, the digestive muscle gets toned by this pose and the operation of the digestive system turned on effectively.  The practice of standing forward fold poses benefitting the abdominal muscles and digestive function of the body.

4. Make Your Tired Muscles Relax

When you do modification of Uttanasana pose where the user seizes the reverse elbows with hands make relaxation to the tired upper back muscles. The arms posing downstairs along with a relived neck and head lift the shoulder and backs.

5. Relieve in lower back stiffness

While doing Uttanasana pose making your knees twist aid in relieving the lower back stiffness and it eventually stretches the spine muscles.  This pose is the panacea for people who have a sitting job and they don’t have many physical activities in their life, because it will help them to activate their muscles.

6. Make your liver and kidney strong and healthy

Kidney and livers are among the main organs of the body that does different functions in the body such as waste expulsion, filtration, and nutrient storage, etc. The daily basis practice of   Uttanasana maintains the health of the kidney and liver and makes them function better.

7. This poses work like therapy to many diseases

The Standing Forward Bend Pose and its modifications work like therapy for various ailments such as infertility, sinusitis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, asthma. This pose helps in opening the chest and lengthens the spine that reduces the possibility of osteoporosis and aid in making hale and the hearty neurological system and also increases the capability of lungs. Eventually, it helps in reducing high blood pressure and also eliminates the possibility of infertility.