Yoga Nidra – An unique way to quite the mind, and let the soul speak


Nidra is a Sanskrit word for sleep; when it’s connected to yoga, it’s all about being in a state in between ‘sleep and sleeplessness’.

Once upon a time, a Yogi said, meditation form of ‘Lord Shiva’ is known as ‘Nidra Yoga’. Thus, Shiva the yogi; the creator and destroyer of Universe, has a perfect knowledge of three planes viz. ‘conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious’.

Misconceptions of Nidra Yoga:

Often, then not, concepts gives birth to misconceptions. There are few misconceptions about this yogic technique.

1.People often confuse it as a hypnosis, but it’s a state of Pratyahara and step towards awareness.

2.Ignorance leads to abstract ideas like ~ it’s a state of deep sleep; but it’s about deep realization

3.Lucid Dreaming is often associated with yoga nidra, but it’s about self-introspection

4.The process is sometimes deemed to be about concentration; but in reality it’s about letting go, for concentration to develop

Yoga Nidras misinterpretion keeps us away from its benefits. Yoga nidra helps us to connect to self and be free from stress and misery.
We all can get the blessing of ‘Lord Shiva’ by relaxing; we can get his energy to pro-create our positive thoughts, by taking yoga nidra to next level.

Yogic Explanation of Yoga Nidra:

Yoga nidra deals with aware or conscious sleep. Nothing is greater than an aware sleep, when it comes to self-healing. Pratyahara technique is the core of this yoga; therefore, it has the power to restrict the distractions of mind, thereby, we can attain relaxation.

Process of Yoga Nidra:

Process is an indefinable task; we can’t describe the exact way of its functioning. The best way to understand a process is to experience it, practice it, and sometimes witnessed it.
The best part of nidra yogic technique is it doesn’t ask you to bend or twist your body, like other yoga forms. It simply deals with lying down and relaxing.

A process, which starts as simple as sleeping, can’t be an uphill task.

Yoga experts say the yoga trainer will ensure your mind turns inwards, cutting it from the outward experiences. This leads you to take a journey towards discovery of inner – self. It also allows, you to enter into a state of utmost relaxation.

It focuses next on a sense of detachment from the outer world; the withdrawal of senses helps in realizing self, in total silence.

The next step is to achieve a sleep of awareness. It can also be termed as dynamic sleep. Therefore, you can create a harmony between your ‘conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and unconscious mind’.
Thus, you can always unmask the hidden potential of your existence. The sub-conscious mind is believed to be 30000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Nidra yoga helps you utilize the power of your sub-conscious mind.

In last step it integrates the functioning of left and right hemisphere of brain. Thus, it creates the possibility of strong memory, positive thinking, concentration power and sharp intellect.
In next edition, we describe benefits of Nidra Yoga, according to a yogi…