Adjustment & Alignment-An Absolute Must For Practicing Yoga

Adjustment & Alignment-An Absolute Must For Practicing Yoga

One of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind while performing any physical activity like yoga or workout taught and learnt at yoga teacher training course in Goa or elsewhere, is to ensure that you do it in the right way. A slight carelessness or callousness on one’s part could land him/her in serious injuries leading to prolonged or lifelong ailments. It’s a true fact that yoga imparted at best teacher training programs in Goa is much calmer, relaxed and more controlled mode of practice compared to modern-day workout. At the same time, yoga taught at 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa, involves numerous complex asanas taking months to master which elucidates the significance of yoga in the study and practice of adjustment and alignment.

Adjustment and alignment in yogic studies denotes the procedure of learning the accurate yoga techniques of getting in and out of postures for enhancing its benefits and preventing any injury whatsoever. Yoga or the practice of adjustment and alignment taught at yoga teacher training course in Goa, opens up a sea of possibilities to practitioners of all levels, and by encouraging the use of modifications and props, it aids you in finding the safest and the most beneficial way to get into asanas reaping optimal benefits out of it. Once you get a fair understanding of the concepts of adjustment and alignment, you would be in a position to make almost any yoga pose taught and learnt at yoga teacher training course in Goa, work for you in keeping with your body types. With the evolution of yogic practice, alignment systems learnt at best yoga teacher training programs in Goa, have undergone sea changes based on varied branches and traditions. So, if you’ve made up your mind to be a yoga expert or yoga teacher imparting training in adjustment and alignment or yet to take your first yoga class, here’re a few unspoken rules that you need to learn.

  • Consent is of paramount importance-Everybody doesn’t feel the same way about direct physical contact. So, it’s incumbent to have proper consent from practitioners that permits teachers trained in 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa, to guide them throughout the class.
  • Allow students to opt out-The comfort level of adjusting into poses depend a great deal on postures. If anyone senses discomfort from the student, he/she should allow them to opt out. One must not hesitate to inform the teachers.
  • Be gracious enough-If a student asks you to ‘stop’, don’t take it personally. Accept gracefully what he/she has to say. Try to talk to the student after yoga class to see if you can do something about it to make them feel better and relieved.
  • Don’t startle the students-If you’re about to help a student with adjustment and alignment, make your presence felt and don’t just startle them with sudden contact.
  • Encourage self-awareness-Make students realize that it’s imperative to listen to their bodies than to reach some imaginary, unrealistic goals and milestones. They don’t require to impress anyone, instead they need to avert injuries and do what’s right for them.

Why is Adjustment & Alignment a Universal Necessity in Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa?

  • Helps to create a rock-solid & stable foundation for safe practice.
  • Allows the body to open in new ways.
  • Reduces injury risks.

While one may not feel sudden, sharp pain from performing yoga pose out of alignment, many yoga injuries turn to be accumulative over the years, increasing little by little with each passing day. Wear and tear on joints and supporting tissue happen over a period of time, therefore, many yoga students find themselves with years of repetitive ailments into their practices and have to break their long established and formulated patterns to remake poses in much healthier ways. That’s why it’s important to establish optimal alignment as early as you can in your yoga practice taught at best yoga teacher training programs in Goa, often employing props liberally. Using appropriate props such as grippy supportive mat in addition to blocks and straps are intended to help yoga students with good alignment right from their initial days instead of compromising on their forms and postures. For instance, in a standing forward fold, you may not be able to touch the ground with your hands whilst keeping a straight spine. You can either let your spine make round or bend the knees. But then, you are missing out on stretching the hamstrings and opening your chest. Using blocks under the hands enables you to hit every right note of the pose in the safest manner.

Thus, it is apt to conclude that the techniques involved in the concepts of adjustment and alignment are of utmost importance just like the significance of yoga practice in day-to-day lives.

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