Pros And Cons About In-Person VS Online Yoga Training Course

The wait to stay corona free is over, and now it’s back to normal. Going to gyms, malls, offices, yoga classes, and movie halls is becoming normal like was use to be through unlocking. Still, precautions are taken. But mostly life is coming back to normal phase, masks are not must anymore. Due to Covid 19 People have been getting more into virtual classes and online training. During the lockdown time, what makes you feel better was essential, and Yoga has such capacity to make things better. But if you want to go deeper into yoga, Learn the Asana practice to its depth, with philosophy and anatomy included. Due to the restriction of last years, many people started doing online classes and training. This has helped many of us to stay centered and calm during this time. Now the world is opening to its fullest, and the question comes should I do the training on-line or in-person? Here are mentioned pros and cons, choose what is best for you from the details.

In-person Yoga Course in India

  • One learns the Asana much better as there is a physical teacher available who can correct your alignments. Guide you to your best version.
  • Scheduled time during the course for the different subjects helps you deepen the yoga practice
  • Helps focus mind and body
  • One can experience the roots of India where yoga is still a living science, where one can give total attention to self-growth and yoga practice.
  • It is practice with a group of people who are also interested in yoga, where it is easy to learn and have experience of community
  • Easier to practice, get motivated and get support. Make friends for a lifetime.
  • Have a yogic life experience with modern comforts.
  • A wellness health holiday just for yourself.
  • Life changing experience with yoga training in group, as everyone acts as mirror supports to look at discriminating side of oneself.
  • Can practice with the group what one learns during the course, confidence to teach comes naturally. Many students after doing the training feels very confident and start teaching basics to their family and friends.
  • Understanding the concept of sharing gets empowered
  • No distraction for the time of training. So can give your 100% to the course.
  • Group support for the practice, ideas, and Mental strength.
  • Correct yoga practice with the right diet for the better health.
  • Making new friends who are on the same spiritual journey. Can be part of the yoga community of the yoga school much easier.
  • One has to leave the comfort zone of home and travel

Online Yoga Course

  • Can be done at your own time at home
  • Can be cheaper than in-person training.
  • No one corrects your mistakes during Asana class
  • The alignment classes are not helpful as one can not have someone to practice while learning
  • Questions can not be answered immediately as mostly these are recorded, classes
  • Practicum with a group can not happen as one is learning alone.
  • No fixed timing, so the effect of the yoga practice does not go deeper.
  • Confidence to teach does not get boosted practicing alone. As one has no one to practice and correct or give feedback
  • Meditation is an important part of the training. Which if done in the group can happen much easier.
  • Missing the group activities and learning
  • Teacher spontaneously shares a lot of information according to the need of a student, which is not possible on an on-line course.
  • Exchanges of the idea do not happen as one is alone during on-line course
  • One might give up as during on-line course no one checks or helps to pursue the goal

Diya Yoga

We are a non-dogmatic yoga school based in Goa India, that supports the growth of individuals during the yoga training course. Our team shares personal experience and supports so the student can go deeper in the practice. We are not just teaching yoga as asana practice, but teaching how to practice yoga into daily life, using the examples of our life and the surrounding. Yoga is teaching us to be flexible not just in the body. But also in the mind. Yoga is for the opening up mind, and to grow and understand deeper layers of ourselves. Diya yoga team supports students to understand mind, body and go deeper into themselves.

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