Total Time Taken For Completion Of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Total Time Taken For Completion Of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga embodies a spiritual journey undertaken by individuals yearning and searching for tranquillity, serenity and to be at peace with oneself. The practice of yoga entails the path of enlightenment culminating in inner peace, contentment, bliss, happiness, and positivity all around, bringing in synchronization of mind, body, and soul functioning as a composite whole. For those who’ve already witnessed the true essence and manifestations of yoga in all its forms, pursuing a 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa seems to be the only feasible option awaiting you!

How to commence yoga teacher training course in Goa or elsewhere?

First and foremost, you need to master yoga skills efficiently in order to teach wannabes this art. You should be thoroughly aware of yoga as a subject-its intricacies & nuances, postures. Usually, yoga teacher training course in Goa asks you for your experience level before enrolling you into any other 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa as you must’ve a bare apprehension of the subject matter. The fundamentals of best yoga teacher training programs in Goa entail:

  • All-round growth in mindset & physical being
  • Basic, formative knowledge of anatomy
  • Alignment awareness when performing poses
  • Appropriate technique awareness

Distinctive levels of Yoga Teacher Training Certifications:

There are mainly two recognized levels of Yoga Teacher Training Certifications such as the 200-hour yoga teacher training and the 500-hour teacher training course certifications. The 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa certification is the primary program that all yoga instructors need to complete for obtaining fundamental insights into yoga, without which there is minimal or no chance of getting hired by any yoga institutions. For those who want to take yoga to the next level giving it a whole new dimension and meaning altogether, the 500-hour teacher training certification program is an apt choice for you. Once done with fundamentals of yoga, individuals would aspire for an extensive and detailed learning of the depth of quintessential and its crucial segments. Furthermore, this program will aid you in setting up your facility someday or the other. After completion of your training and having earned your certification, you have the right and privilege to hold the initials of CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher), earmarking the journey of your 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa constituting a wide array of programs and a sea of training opportunities designated for both learners and aspiring teachers or yoga instructors.

Few Astonishing Tips for Wannabe Yoga Teachers:

The path towards the journey of yoga imparted at best yoga teacher training programs in Goa is time-consuming but worthwhile. However, some individuals may not be willing to provide a considerable amount of their time to seek the path to enlightenment and inner solace attained only through indulging in yoga practice. It so happens that some interns would avoid giving practical examinations that will require the trainers to mark their capabilities for teaching and providing yoga tutorials. Some individuals want it easy and would always want to cut corners, even going to the extent of refusing to commit to the elemental 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa certificate journey which teaches the fundamentals of yoga practice. Nevertheless, the facility in charge of hiring yoga teachers or yoga instructors will appoint you based on your skills, expertise and experience. One requires a few months of experience before initiating deliverance of knowledge to students and yoga aspirants. In a nutshell, if you harbour the dream of becoming a yoga teacher trained in best yoga teacher training programs in Goa, you will have to commit to a few months to learning and mastering yoga thoroughly armed with sheer solemness and ambition.

How long will be the duration to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa certification program?

The length of your yoga program depends on a number of factors, varying from school to school and instructor to instructor about the time required to complete 200-hour long yoga certification program. On an average basis, 2-3 months are generally needed for completion of this 200-hour long course. However, learning and mastering this program is worth the time, effort and patience that will never go in vain.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you have gained from the training, not considering much about how many hours and months required to take this 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa. As a teacher, you should explain the students about your enriching and fulfilling journey of steeping into the shoes of a yoga teacher or yoga instructor/motivator-any name you want to ascribe it to. Also, you should be a role model to your students whom they can look up to.

Thus, Goa with its lush paddy fields and traditional vibrance, mesmerizing sand and sea beaches coupled with exotic locales, is the ideal destination and a haven for tourists seeking a holistic and traditional approach towards yoga fusion in the midst and lap of Nature at its best!

Diya Yoga is Yoga Alliance certified RYS200 school located at beautiful beach of Arambol, North Goa, India. Our best yoga teacher training programs in Goa merge ancient Vedic knowledge with modern yoga asanas taught by highly skilled and trained Indian and International teachers and mentors. We decipher comprehensive theoretical and practical training program during our 25-day structured course. After completion of our 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa (VVT course), you will emerge as a confident teacher with enhanced skills to impart yoga lessons to wannabes. Be a part of our noble endeavour to spread all-encompassing benefits of yoga far and wide!  

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