Yoga Nidra – An Esoteric Art To Sleep And Discover Self

“Yoga Nidra ~ you cannot always control what goes outside, but you can always control what goes inside…” 

The philosophy of Yoga is simple, yet fulfilling; it says “inhale the future and exhale the past”. Yoga is a science, with a mystic core; healing effects, and a transformational outlook. 

It’s 5000 years old! Its origin can be traced back to the days when ‘Gods lived amongst humans’; epics were written and human civilizations came into existence. 

Yoga has many forms, asanas, practice modules, learning mediums, and benefits. One truly engrossed in the art, science, and sociology of Yoga; knows its value. One such form of Yogisticpractice is known as the “Nidra Yoga technique”. 

Yoga Nidra is a process of cooling your body, to attain self-realization and going into a Yogistic sleep. This yogic practice is a state of mind, soul, and body between sleep and being awake. 

Being conscious and involved in this ultra-materialistic world, cannot guarantee self-realization; neither it’s possible when one’s sleeping. For self-realization, one needs a relaxed mind, body comfort, and serenity of soul. 

Words of a Yoga Trainer & Teacher: 

While doing Yoga Nidra, one is generally comfortable, and relaxed; but no one wants to sleep. It’s time when you enjoy the process of self-realization. 


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Benefits of Yoga Nidra : 

Deep rest 

Control of body heat 

Deep sleep 


Holistic healing 

Strengthening of mind, body, and soul 

Emotional toughening 

Psychological firmness

Improvement of reasoning power 

Increase in memory 

Enhancing focus & concentration 

Eliminating negative thoughts 

Filled with a positive attitude 

Strengthening of the immune system 

Anti-aging and boost vigor 

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Many folks unwind by hearing music or watching a movie; no special preparation is necessary. Profound stress relief, on either side, takes training and is separate. It’s mainly performed after your yogic exercises when your brain and body are resting but you’re still awake. Yoga Nidra relaxation is the term for this condition. It’s also known as mental rest. 

Principles of Yoga 

Energy, known in Hinduism as prana, is accountable for the source of life in your organism. That force encompasses your whole physical existence. Yoga Nidra meditation aims to maintain and strengthen this vitality simply and joyfully. Your physical stature is completely peaceful, and you become more and methodically informed on all around you, directed by either the instructor or a prerecorded copy of the directions. Apart from his ears, which he employs to hear the lectures, the patient’s four senses are disengaged in this condition. 

Tips For Practicing Yoga Nidra: 

Appropriate Setting: It is essential to take up yoga Nidra in a serene and clean environment. Constantly keep in mind that yoga produces positive outcomes when done correctly. “Quietness, serenity, and an arranged home” is what one understands by “correct spot.” Your physique, brain, and spirit benefit from being in the proper location. YogaorYoga Nidra can constantly improve internal consciousness is awakened. 

Relaxation: It generates favorable outcomes whenever the physique is in ultimate comfort and relaxation. As a result, minimize stress on the body or discomfort. For additional relaxation, always use cushions under your waistline and neck.

Correct Time: If the practitioner wishes to receive anticipated benefits and outcomes, It is essential to perform Yoga Nidra at the appropriate time. Never perform yogic sleep at an inappropriate time, including immediately after every meal. If any individual performs at the same time right after the meal, it can have adverse effects. However, there is no risk often; however, one can practice Yoga Nidra 15-20 mornings, evenings, before sleep, and after practice yoga classes 

Yoga Getaways: Because it is better accomplished in Mother Nature’s cradle, yoga training classes in Goa and the Himalayas are always encouraged to achieve major benefits. The correct strategy to encounter the spirit and develop one’s power is to have a peaceful conscious. Whenever performed in natural surroundings, Yoga Nidra is the best practice to achieve body, mind, and soul Peace. 

Allow plenty of time: This yoga exercise takes patience and can be performed after accomplishing various yoga asanas or approaches. As a result, the practitioner should be familiar with performing Yoga Nidra also known as yogic sleep, it takes focus and patience. It aids in physical cooling, meditation, and restoring natural body characteristics. Hence, it’s a pretty cool thing to practice after practicing yoga asana. 

Balancing Temperature: It energizes your body and causes a heating effect, and then sweat evaporates away from your body and produces a decrease in temperature. You may lose heat in the morning in this case. Following Yoga Nidra, it’s always good to cover yourself in a warm cloth or a small sheet. It assists in thermoregulation.

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