Top 8 Effective Yoga Postures for Workout

Top 8 Effective Yoga Postures for Workout 

Applying yoga positions makes exercises the ideal companion for a more effective gymnasium routine. Perform the pre-activity yoga poses to warm your muscles preceding your selected enhanced activity. Afterward, slowly transition into the after-yoga stance to use your tendons’ flexibility to extend and rejuvenate your entire body. 

1. Dancer Pose(Nataranjasana)

Put pressure on your right ankle, and lay on top of your left foot with your left hand bowing at the thigh. Grab a grip of your left leg indoors at that point. In hand, carefully place the top of the leg. By pushing the leg up and back, you can raise your leg to the full height.


Extends the shoulders, chest, hamstrings, and spine while enhancing crucial body strength

2. Headstand(Sirsasana)

Put the top of the head down onto the mattress while forming a hoop with the arms and maintaining the elbow’s shoulder-distance away. Raise your thighs and step your legs before your head while pushing your elbows into the floor. Raise the first leg, then the second. Thighs over the pelvis, then heel over thighs, till feet are upright after thighs are curled, and toes are above the floor.


Reduces tension, promotes mental peace and mental focus, activates the lymph nodes, and stretches the spine and stomach.

3. Crow Pose(Bakasana)

Bring your big toes towards while in the Garland position or a yogic bend, and try to put your thighs firmly on your forearms. Once you are comfortable, bend forward and use your abdominal power to draw your thighs upward and in towards one another as you start to swing back and forward on your hands. Move the feet up and inside onto the leg muscles quads while tightening your spine.


Improves the stomach, shoulders, and forearms while extending the pelvis.

4. Forearm Position(Active dolphine pose)

Move your legs to your chest, starting in Dolphin Posture. Elevate one foot while jumping to raise the other as you direct your eyes between the hands. When you are steady and your feet are above, tighten your center, push your wrists to the floor, twist your thighs, and start to look forth and up as the legs go closer to your face. It will assist you in stretching your torso.


Shoulder, stomach, chest, and spinal muscles are strengthened, and oxygenation is improved.

5. Mermaid Pose(Matsyasana)

Put your right thighs behind the right forearm and your right foot in the direction of your left hip bone while executing a three-foot dog. Then, step backward with your left leg. Turn to the left from this “Bird” stance and try to grab the sole of your leg. To grab your left hand, put your right hand back behind you and try to drive your left leg into the curve of your forearm.


 Extends the quads, torso, buttocks, knees, and pelvis, moreover, unlocks upper back muscles.

6. Standing Hand to Big Toe (Hastapadagustasana)

Put pressure on your right leg. Elevate the left leg in the air and encircle the left thigh with your fingers. Here, try to place two fingertips inside the big toe and move the left foot to the front and forward. For balance, tuck the innermost knees fairly near to each other. For balanced muscular stability and flexibility, practice on both sides.


Expands the pelvis and quadriceps and settles down the belly.

7. Bow Pose(Dhanurasana)

Rotate your dog from a tri-feet position, and put your unlocked right leg on the floor. Turn your leg to securely push the yogic mat’s outer edges into the floor. Lift your glute muscles from here and bring your swinging right hand down. Continue raising your pelvis until you have sufficient room in your top spine to lower your right arm to the ground and turn your left hand’s fingers towards your legs. From here, advance the legs toward the arms and assume a complete bowing.


Stretches the thigh flexor muscles, spine, and torso.

8. Side Crow(parsva bakasana)

Place the right buttock on the right forearm and the left part of the thigh on the left forearm with the bent knees and facing to the right. Tilt forward, tighten the abdominal muscles, and perceive your feet rise off the floor.


Elongates the hamstrings while strengthening the arms, shoulders, chest, and hips.


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