200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Fees in India

Yoga is a heritage of India, and the whole world is praising our country for giving such wonderful techniques. People are now more serious about their health and fitness; therefore, what can be better than applying yoga poses in daily life? 

However, practitioners must perform yoga under the instruction and teaching of certified yoga. Today, yoga has not only created health consciousness among people but also generated jobs and bright career opportunities. 

Many people have opted for yoga as a profession, and they teach people how to perform yoga. But if you want to become a yoga teacher, mentor, or instructor, it is essential to take formal yoga teacher training from a certified yoga institute. 

The remarkable growth of numerous yoga institutes in India has witnessed that plenty of youngsters are selecting as their profession. At present, we can find thousands of yoga schools that offer 100 hours and 200 hours of yoga teacher training programs in India. 

The excess availability of options creates confusion in picking the correct yoga school for training. The fee of the 200 hours of yoga teacher training in India differs, and it depends on institute to institute. 

When you are aiming to get admission to a yoga school, you must consider these elements mentioned in the below portion:-

Know what the fee structure will include

Yoga training center has different fee system that may or may not add several components. For example, some institutes can provide food but not accommodation for a fee. 

You must choose a center that gives maximum amenities. There is a fee structure that comprises study resources, accommodation, and special facilities such as AC rooms and all. 

We have even seen that some institutes offer zero expenses for airport travel if they arrive at the institute first time. 

Genuineness of Teaching and Quality of Accommodation

You need to remember that a large part of your fee will include quality teaching and accommodation. Many yoga centers give ads about affordable fees, but they don’t provide accommodation, which eventually raises your living budget. 

Therefore, it is vital to get complete information about the teacher’s experience, qualifications, and the quality of accommodation the center provides. 

Always be aware that low-cost fees are not always reasonable in terms of the best teachers and useful facilities you need in the course. Moreover, it is also vital to check the food quality if you have opted for a center that provides meals along with a residence facility. 

Never shy about asking for photos of the learning center rooms, kitchen, and information about the food quality.

Fluctuation in the Price among Institutes

We have already told you that the fee for 200-hour yoga teacher training is different at each training center. The fee of the yoga teacher training includes different elements we have described in the first point. 

Moreover, the location of the center is also a big factor in the fee variation. But you can get the economical option by comparing the prices of 10 or more institutes simultaneously. 

However, make sure that if you are paying more than that standard price in the market, then you must ask for the perks and additional facilities the yoga teacher training center will provide.

Extra expenses

During your whole journey of 200-hour yoga teacher training, you may not want to stick to yoga only. There may be many things you want to experience, such as sightseeing, local cuisines, shopping, and participating in any event. 

However, India is usually not expensive, but when you enroll in any institute, don’t just stick to the fees of the institute only; get some extra cash for additional expenses. 

Location of Yoga Training Center

The cost of a yoga center largely depends on its location. If you are taking admission in a place like Goa, Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi, you may find the fee higher than other cities.

But if you enroll in a small city like Aurangabad, Amravati, or other similar ones, the charges are lower than in metropolitan cities. A place where the footfall of tourists is extreme will naturally have an elevated fee, but a place with less tourism will have a minimal cost for yoga teacher training. 

Batch Size

Batch with small strength and personalized guidance are usually expensive. But if you are part of a class where the batch sizes are substantially as big as 50 to 100 practitioners, there is a high chance that the fee of the teacher training might be lower than the small batch. 

For precise training, we recommend every practitioner choose a smaller batch because you will get individualized guidance. 

But don’t forget that smaller batches have generally higher costs than larger batches.

Discounts and special offers

Many yoga teacher training programs provide discounts for early admission takers. Moreover, some of them also offer referral programs in which existing student can get discounts if they refer any of their friends and connections to join. 

Apart from that, many centers also give the opportunity of group admission where if you have enrolled with 2 or more people, you will get group discounts. 

Toppers or high scorers in the course can also get scholarships and rewards according to their performance. 


Take your time to find a reliable institute that has genuine yoga teacher training fees, such as Diya Yoga

Picking the correct center for 200-hour teacher training requires research in the right direction. You can implement the necessary methods to research finding a reasonable but reputed institute like Diya Yoga. 

As a premier yoga coaching platform, we have spent a lot of years, efforts, and research to create yoga enthusiasts. Every year, hundreds of students enroll with us and get effective and magnificent yoga teacher training. 

It is the right time to make your decision and get involved in the magical world of yoga. 


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