Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Yoga School

The availability of bountiful yoga institutes makes it confusing to select an ideal school that complements your yoga teacher training needs. However, many features facilitate research on various yoga schools to pick the best yoga teaching training school. 

Guiding Questions for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

License and Certification

Whenever you wish to select a yoga teacher training school, it is vital to confirm that the school has the necessary certification and license. 

Certification and license signify that the institute can do what you are searching for. You need to make sure that the yoga school is fulfilling all the legalities and criteria that are essential to be a certified institution.

Veteran yoga teachers

Can you imagine an institution without well-qualified and veteran mentors? Not, as educators are the cornerstones of a trustworthy establishment. 

If you wish to chase a reputed school, do not go with the claims and promises made by the institute until you ensure that the teachers in the yoga school are highly talented, skilled, qualified, and certified.

Syllabus of the Yoga Teacher course

You need to evaluate the syllabus of the yoga teacher training and course. The course must include a diverse series of yoga poses, teaching methods, philosophy, and standards. 

You also need to blend your objective and interest with the syllabus that the yoga school has designed.

Batch Strength

Make sure that the yoga teacher class you will join should have a small batch size. If you choose the large size batch, then you may not be able to get proper attention from the instructors. 

Your voice is heard when your batch strength is concise. Having loads of students may disturb your concentration on the training.

Number of teachers on the students

There should be a balance of the number of teachers and students. A teacher can guide students who are limited in a class. Students can get effective training and attention. 

Teachers can give you honest feedback about your performance and activities so that you can improve and excel in your yogic exercise.  

Place of the institute

The location has a crucial significance when you are going to join a reputed yoga school. Sometimes, you may not want to travel to the far destination, which is why you consider choosing a nearby location adjacent to your house. 

However, if you are fond of traveling, then you may wish to visit other cities such as Goa or Rishikesh to get the proper training. Select a location that complements your choices and demands.

Know the duration of the course

You must know the course duration of the yoga teacher training you want to enroll in. There are availability of 100 hours200 hours, and 300 hours of yoga teacher training courses in many institutes. 

You must pick a course that satisfies your needs and aspirations. Make sure that the course duration you select is aligned with your timetable and objectives.

Testimony and references

You must study the testimonies and references of the existing students before registration. Get feedback from old students and know how they have finished their courses. 

If you get positive and affirmative testimonies, then you should go ahead. If the ratio of negative feedback is greater than positive, then skip such an institute and try another one.

Fee structure & payment mode

It is essential to enquire about the fees of the course. Evaluate various courses and don’t decide alone according to the fee structure. 

Fees are only one factor, and if you are getting plenty of things, value, and efficient teacher training with increased fees, then there is no issue with joining such an institute. 

Additionally, ask the institute about the payment mode and make sure that the institute can accept all types of payment modes and that there is no restriction on any option.

Style of Yoga

Find whether the yoga school is delivering the same yoga style that you wish to learn and teach. 

Many institutes have expertise in particular yoga styles; on the other hand, some may have comprehensive syllabus for yoga teacher training. Select the school that suits your style of yoga.  

Ethics and philosophy of yoga

A licensed and trusted yoga teacher training center focuses on the philosophy and ethics of yoga. 

They deep down into any of the yoga norms and go further with an inclusive perspective. They don’t only focus on yoga postures but deliver training on all modules and aspects of yoga.

Assistance and Study Resources

You must identify that the yoga school must offer course-oriented study resources such as books, reference notes, biographies of famous yogis, and all that. 

Moreover, if you need any help and solutions from the school, they must be ready to offer anytime without any delay.

Number of successful Alumni

If a school has a great number of successful alumni, that means it has done a great job in the yoga teacher training field. You can ask them to provide you with the list of successful instructors they have trained so far.

Young or professional teachers who are alumni of the school can become the biggest motivators for new students.

Practical training

An ideal teacher training must include theory with practical learning. The institute must provide students an exposure so that they can show their skills as a teacher. 

A reliable yoga school will provide practice yoga teacher training so that students can understand how they need to conduct classes after completing the course.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

Confirm that the institute holds the ethics and standardized code of conduct that matches your morals and ideologies.

Availability and flexibility

It is essential to check that you are comfortable with the accessibility and schedule of the yoga teacher course. 

Check that the institute is flexible to give sufficient time and training duration to practice the teachings that you have learned. Follow the diet chart and lifestyle that the school prescribed.


Do not decide on selecting a yoga teacher training school randomly. Sit with a calm mind and get enough time to study and analyze different yoga schools and teacher training courses. 

Never hesitate to ask any questions and solve your doubts about the institute. If you make a researched and well-familiar decision, it will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

In this respect, Diya Yoga has already marked an incredible spot in delivering world-class yoga teacher training in India.


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