9 Incredible Yoga Poses to Eliminate Back Pain Problem

Whether you have an 8 to 9-hour long sitting job or are inactive in physical activity, having a back problem has a high chance of catching you. However, these reasons are insufficient to cause back pain; many other reasons make you uncomfortable because of your fragile back. 

Fortunately, you can eliminate back pain with the help of yoga. Yoga, a gem for humanity, has remedies for all types of illness and discomfort. However, all users must adopt consistent practice under an expert yoga instructor and patience.

Yoga can transform your life miraculously, but still, it is not a magic stick. You will see the results gradually if you keep practicing continuously. Yoga is a workout strategy for body, mind, and spirit, so implement it for your benefit.  

Practicing yoga routinely, even for a couple of hours or minutes daily, can make you conscious about your body. Yoga is not only making you physically active and well, but it also gives you mental peace. 

Check out the following part where we have discussed some of the incredible yoga poses that help in eliminating back pain permanently:-


Cat–cow pose can reduce back pain by strengthening spine suppleness and releasing stress. It is an easy yoga posture support for improving posture and strengthening spine muscles. Shifting the pose between cow and cat stance (arching and circling back) discharges stress in the back muscle. 

Eventually, it fuels spinal discs and boosts improved circulation. Moreover, cat-cow poses softly extend and nourish the abdomen muscle, consequently delivering support to the lower back. Daily practice of the cat-cow can reduce back pain and boos spinal strength.

Child’s Pose 

Another beneficial yoga posture to cut down back pain is the Child’s Pose. It is a resting yoga stance that softly extends and strengthens spinal muscles. 

It boosts relief and discharge of stiffness in back muscles. Stretching your lower back during this pose and maintaining the gap between the spines relieves back pain. 

The soft essence of this pose is an easy option for back pain patients. Moreover, it also helps in deep relaxation breathing, which eventually gives relaxation to the nervous system.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog is an effective posture to help in reducing back aches. This asana entails spinal stretching with the hamstrings and back muscles. 

When you form the shape of an overturned “V,” it boosts grip on the spine, possibly releasing pressure. This pose also helps in making your back and chest muscles stronger. 

It also enhances the entire spinal stamina. The improved blood circulation to the upper body and heart can alleviate stiffness and boost relief. Daily yoga can improve flexibility, eliminate pain, and help make a pain-free, healthy back.

Standing-Forward Fold

Standing Forward Fold provides incredible benefits in back pain relief. This yoga posture includes a subtle extension that lengthens the whole spine and focuses on the hamstring and lower back. 

The Standing-Forward Fold poses discharge stiffness in the back muscles that eventually decrease pain. 

The posture also has advantages for improved blood circulation in the spinal region that consequently nurtures spinal discs. 

If you do this pose daily, your spine will get proper flexibility, boosting spinal strength. Moreover, it will help gradually eliminate back pain and foster complete fitness.

Pigeon Pose

Yoga’s Pigeon Pose is a useful position for treating back discomfort. It IS a hip-extending stance that aids in releasing pressure in the lower back and hips, which could decrease pain. 

Back discomfort can be lessened by extending and releasing the lower back and hip abductor muscles. Pigeon Pose also helps to promote improved spinal alignment and general hip flexibility. 

A daily pose routine could minimize back and hip tension, improving relaxation and enhancing lower body movement.

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is the most powerful to stimulate your hip muscles and core to sustain the spine. It will eventually mitigate back pain, and when you make a more substantial grip of hands below your body, this posture provides the necessary stretch to the shoulder and neck. 

You can do this pose more soothingly by placing your butts on your palms, which discharges stiffness from the lower back and pelvis muscles.

Plank Pose

For the alleviation of back pain, plank pose has several beneficial effects. The abdominal muscles are used in this pose, which improves spinal equilibrium and balance. 

It gives the spine the vital assistance it needs by reinforcing the back and stomach muscles, thus alleviating tension and pain. The Plank Pose also promotes excellent balance and posture, which generally enhances the spine’s condition. 

Using such muscles, the weight is distributed more fairly, which may decrease pressure on the lower back part. Continuous exercise with the pose can result in improved spinal backing, less back discomfort, and improved strength in the core.

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose extends the frontal part of the body and elongates the back muscles. That eventually boosts spinal strength and configuration. 

This pose unlocks the chest and helps in making an improved body posture. It decreases upper back tightness and relieves pain by softly extending stomach muscles. 

For better results, you must perform the cobra pose as long as possible until your back pain is there to disturb you.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose delivers tremendous benefits for backache relief. It gives a delicate extension to the side body, making your spine flexible and right in the posture. 

The pose includes back and core muscles that help stabilize and supply the spine. The triangle pose is also effective in easing lower back and hip muscle stiffness.


Several other yoga poses are also there that can reduce or abolish back pain. We have listed only a few of them. We recommend that every yoga practitioner only perform yoga under the guidance of experts. 

Meanwhile, we at Diya Yoga also provide all types of yoga sessions and teacher training so that you can align your yoga goals with us. 

Apart from this yoga posture, you also need to take the advice of your physician before starting these poses for back pain relief.


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