Yoga Teacher Training With Diya Yoga

Yogasana, also known as Yoga, has become more crucial than ever. Stressful lifestyles and the need to stay healthy from within are increasingly driving people towards Yoga. 

Many of them practice Yoga regularly to drive optimism and promote inner well-being. 

While the above is true, there’s a dearth of Yoga trainers worldwide. Considering the number of Yoga followers globally, the world is in dire need of qualified Yoga teachers. 

If you also are looking to become a Yoga teacher, you aren’t alone. However, Yoga is an enlightening practice. As Yoga teachers, you’d be looked upon as torchbearers in people’s lives. 

Hence, the choice of the Yoga teacher training school matters. Diya Yoga, one of the best Yoga schools in India, is here to transform you from an aspirant to a professional Yoga teacher. 

Here’s more to Yoga teacher training Diya Yoga.

About Diya Yoga – One of the Best Yoga Schools in India!

Diya Yoga believes in individuality during its Yoga teacher training. The empowering institute supports everyone as an individual and their learning needs. 

Diya Yoga engages in teaching Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and restorative Yogasana classes. These options enable students to choose their course based on their style, practice comprehensively, and teach what they like and what they are best at.

Diya Yoga’s motto is “Be a light unto yourself”. Thus, we help you nurture the inner teacher in you. We acknowledge and respect that as individuals, we all are unique creations of God. 

Hence our ways of learning and grasping things also are distinct. Thus, at Diya Yoga, one of the best Yoga schools in India, we do not merely train you in teaching Yoga but help you build the skills to become difference-makers.

Why is Diya Yoga the Best for Yoga Teacher Training?

Rest assured, enrolling in Diya Yoga and becoming a Yoga teacher with us will be a memorable experience for you. But why are we the best Yoga teacher in India?

  • A comprehensive range of Yoga training programs
  • A team of expert, experienced, and highly dedicated Yoga trainers
  • Comprehensive motto that hones your teaching skills
  • Non dogmatic and scientific approach to yoga
  • Unique and personalized teaching approach
  • Focus on allowing your inner quality to shine to support you to be best and help you to be an expert in your teaching
  • Positive feedback and testimonials from past students. 

Why Should You Choose Diya Yoga as Your Best Yoga Teacher in India?

As mentioned earlier, selecting the right Yoga teacher training institute is crucial, considering the significance of Yoga. 

But the choice also proves a stepping stone that lays the foundation of a successful career and bright future. 

While you’ve now seen some reasons for making Diya Yoga the best Yoga teacher in India, here are some reasons you should choose us in your journey to becoming one of the most famous Yoga teachers in India. 

  • Personalized learning and comprehensive Yoga training programs
  • An opportunity to learn under certified Yoga instructors who’ve set benchmarks in Yogasan with their unique, immersive, and impactful teaching techniques
  • A warm and empathetic treatment with regard to your unique traits
  • Adequate facilities and amenities to make your stay with us comfortable
  • A more confident you as a Yoga teacher with specific mastery

Why Are Diya Yoga’s Instructors Among the Most Famous Yoga Teachers in India?

At Diya Yoga, we attribute our success and reputation to our Yoga instructors who are among our most significant strengths. 

Here’s an overview of our Yoga instructors.

  • Meera Acharya: The founder of Diya Yoga, Meera is among the most sought-after and famous Yoga teachers in India. She grew up in Pune’s Osho Ashram and received training in Yoga, meditation, and therapeutic techniques like Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Chakra Healing, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation, dream dialogue, past-life regression, color-light therapy, and Tantra Yoga.
  • Disha Deshpande: Disha’s success story involves overcoming her traumatic childhood and physical limitations with Yoga inspires many! While being a registered Yoga teacher with an RYT in Classical Yoga and RYT in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Disha also is a trained classical dancer, incorporating art modalities into her work. 
  • Abhi: A German by birth, Abhivan has studied Buddhism and the art of Zen. He came to India at 21 and was trained as a breath therapist (W. Reich) and holistic counselor within the Osho Commune International.
  • Agni: An artist at heart and a sociologist by profession, Agni is a certified Yoga teacher from Poland. Agni learned Iyengar Yoga in her hometown and later came to India to complete Yoga teacher training.
  • Azuka: Azuka is a multi-faceted Yoga teacher with various skill sets in her kitty. While being a Movement Artist, Azuka also is a certified Multi-Style Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Massage Therapist & a ‘Sustainable Fashion’ designer.

Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs

As one of the best Yoga schools in India, Diya Yoga offers a range of Yoga teacher training programs with a comprehensive curriculum. 

Here’s an overview of them.

  • 200 Hours Yoga TTC: The course 200 incorporates the broader view of Yoga, including meditation, anatomy, philosophy, Kriya, and the art of teaching. The curriculum includes learning anatomy, alignment, Asana, Art of Teaching, practicum, meditation, Suryanamaskar, Pranayama, and Yoga philosophy.  
  • 100 Hours Yoga TTC: The course intends to help beginners enhance their knowledge of Yoga. It covers a range of topics, including alignment, Asanas, meditation, Pranayama, Yoga philosophy, and practicum. 
  • 50 Hour Yoga TTC: It is an introductory course that acquaints you with various aspects like Asana, philosophy, and basic alignments.
  • Yoga Nidra Training: The training program focuses on learning the art of self-relaxation and balancing the body and mind.
  • Art of Centering: This one is a 7-day meditation workshop that intends to help you reconnect with each core of your body.

Unique Teaching Methodology

Diya Yoga is one of the best Yoga schools in India for its unique teaching methodology. 

While each program is meticulously designed, it leverages a personalized learning approach, addressing every student’s individual learning needs. But that’s not it. 

Our teaching methodology effortlessly blends traditional and modern approaches to make your Yoga training more relevant and aligned with contemporary needs.

Supportive Learning Environment at Diya Yoga

At Diya Yoga, we consider every aspiring Yoga teacher an opportunity for us to contribute to society by shaping the lives of millions. 

We limit our batch strength to be able to provide personalized attention to every aspirant’s learning needs and help them learn effectively. 

Our instructors build a sense of community and oneness among all the learners and encourage collaborative learning while ensuring everyone’s individual learning needs are addressed and met. 

Facilities and Accommodations at Diya Yoga

Undergoing Yoga teacher training at Diya Yoga is an unforgettable experience. 

One of the most significant reasons driving it is our facilities and stay facilities. Some essential highlights include the following.

  • Well-maintained and adequately sized accommodation
  • Dedicated learning halls where students do nothing but learn and evolve
  • Pleasant and tranquil premises enable students to connect with themselves
  • Safe, hygienic, and healthy food to keep students energized and refreshed

Student Success Stories

Our student success stories speak to lengths about the bit that we contribute to their lives. 

Here are a few student success stories and testimonials.

Leonie From Belgium

Leonie (23) attended our Yoga Teacher training in September 2022. She was shy and not very confident during the training. 

However, our team supported her in her journey throughout the training. Now, she is in Belgium and teaching in a studio. 

The training has helped her become a much more confident teacher and human being.

You can see her feedback on our Instagram, Click here 

You can follow her on Instagram, Click here 

Alina from the UK

A Ukrainian, Alina is an enthusiastic and advanced Yoga practitioner, who went through a time when she needed more inspiration and uplifting. 

She came to Diya Yoga on March 23 and underwent training. After the training, she felt very good and re-started teaching with a studio on regular terms.

You can see here with her certification at Diya yoga, Click here 

You can visit her studio page on Instagram, Click here

Antonia from Germany

Antonia came to Diya Yoga with the desire to go deeper in herself and become more aware in February 2020, she had been an amazing dedicated student. 

Now, she conducts Yoga classes in her country. 

You can see her practicing at Diya Yoga on the below link, Click here

You can follow her yoga school on Instagram, Click here

Application Process and Contact Information

As an aspiring Yoga teacher, you may connect with us through the following. 

We recommend you go through all the rules, regulations, and timelines concerning the course of your choice among the various options we provide.

Learning at Diya Yoga, one of the best Yoga schools in India, is a truly empowering and enlightening experience. 

With our comprehensive courses, instructors who are famous Yoga teachers in India, and a supportive learning environment, we ensure your journey with us will be a blissful one. 

Click to connect with us and begin your voyage to becoming a qualified and certified Yoga teacher.


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