Searching for a Job After Completing 200-Hour Yoga Training

As a yoga practitioner, you may be concerned about getting a job or earning money. Plenty of yoga teacher training programs aim to give you structured learning of yoga poses and other important aspects. 

These crucial aspects and insights about yoga teacher training will help you get a respectable job. Yoga teaching is undoubtedly a reputed job; moreover, students can choose this as a full-time profession. 

200 hours yoga teacher training is a rigorous program that helps you clutch the various chances of job opportunities in the market for your yoga profession.

Everyone is concerned about health, especially after the coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19. Yoga has helped in many ways to get rid of anxiety, fear, and depression during the pandemic situation. 

There has been a massive demand for yoga teachers after we have seen that many tragic deaths occur due to sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and bad lifestyle. 

It is a golden time for Yoga practitioners to search for jobs and serve people to make them healthy. Therefore, myriad opportunities exist if you pursue a career as a yoga teacher. 

You need to take some proactive actions that can land you an exciting and satisfactory job after finishing a 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Here are the actions:-

Determine your direction

The initial action is to select whether you want to teach yoga solely or work with a yoga institute or studio. You can also start online or physical yoga classes. 

If you choose option one, such as teaching yoga solely, creating your yoga course and curriculum is always good. You must design the course first, promote your courses, make a standardized portfolio, and decide your batch timings. 

On the other hand, if you work with an institute or studio, you might have to learn from the existing experienced yoga teachers. You may need to assist experts and then go with the flow. The start of your journey might need to be more active, but it will catch the pace if you consistently work and improve your teaching style.

Explore Job Sites and Portals

When you have decided to join a yoga institute or studio, virtual or physically, you can apply on the various job portals. Plenty of wellness and fitness providers make their profiles and post their recruitment for yoga teachers. 

Some of the renowned job portals are,, LinkedIn jobs, etc. You can also browse social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, to see whether any brand has posted the requirements for yoga teachers.

Build your social media presence and make a portfolio

Digital media, along with social channels, are excellent ways to promote your services and build your brand. These channels give you exposure to show your talent and skills to your audiences. 

Whether you wish to start your teaching independently or join a yoga studio, it is essential to create a strong and authentic portfolio. Your portfolio will describe your abilities, achievements, experience, and temperament about your profession. 

Along with them, never forget to build your social communities on different social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and many more.

Create a YouTube Channel

Again, we have to accept the fact that, among all social media channels, YouTube is the crucial platform for showcasing your talent and earning money. 

Additionally, you cannot even earn money, but you can get plenty of subscribers that may become your loyal customers anytime. Make videos on the yoga poses or course curriculum in which you are skilled and experienced. 

Post and mention your credentials, certifications, and important achievements on the YouTube channel so that you become credible and authentic for your audience.

Connect with people

Connections and networks are the core essentiality of all businesses and jobs. No one can deny the fact that without communication, networks, and connections, one cannot receive a jump in one’s career whatsoever. Do not hesitate to make connections with like-minded individuals. 

Moreover, you can connect with people with similar mindsets and likes on social media platforms, in person, and around your society. 

The continuous interaction, connection, and networking will help you enhance your presence among people and also give you a chance to market your talent and abilities as a yoga teacher.

Collaborate with brands

After you receive a massive following and reach through YouTube and other social media channels, you can begin collaborating with brands to market their service and goods. 

It will also allow you to enhance your reach and audience. However, before choosing the brand, ensure that it should complement your skills as a yoga teacher. 

For example, you can partner with health and fitness brands, organic foods, online yoga and exercise apps, and more. Continuous collaboration with different relevant brands can make a demanding influencer and create many more success paths for you. 


Do not stop learning and be consistent

Just because you have completed 200-hour yoga teacher training, that doesn’t mean you need not learn anything else. Never stop learning if you want fruitful growth as a yoga instructor. 

Be consistent with your teachings and try to discover new fitness regimes and curricula that can add value to your yoga profession. Be calm and submissive to constructive criticism. The feedback from your gurus, fellow professionals, and even clients can help you improve your teaching quality.

Wrap Up 

Being a yoga teacher is an extremely fantastic career as it not only brings prosperity and income sources for you but also makes you satisfied that you are making people healthy. 

Yoga doesn’t require any fame or acknowledgment because the world has already accepted its importance. Since 2015, 21st June has been celebrated as International Yoga Day, so it shows that yoga teacher opportunities are not limited to our country but also foreign countries. 

A yoga career may have a gradual pace, but if you take the essential actions that we have explained in this write-up, you will be able to foster your yoga teaching profession efficiently. Always be devoted and honest to your profession. 

Additionally, keep learning new aspects of yoga consistently. 

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